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New Animals Arrive at Centre Island’s Far Enough Farm

New at Centre Island's Far Enough Farm this season: bunnies, and other things.


Far Enough Farm, on Centre Island, almost shut down last year after having its budget slashed by city council. The beloved animal attraction was ultimately rescued over the winter by Centreville, the adjacent amusement park. William Beasley Enterprises, the company that operates the park, agreed to take on responsibility for the formerly City-run farm as a condition of having Centreville’s lease on rides and concessions on the Island extended until 2022.

Thanks to this new business arrangement, not only is the farm still open, it’s thriving. Last week a mini pony, a mini donkey, a Jersey calf, a pot-bellied pig, four Rex rabbits, and three ponies arrived to join the existing crew of sheep, chickens, and other barnyard creatures. Click through the image gallery, above, for a look.