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Extra, Extra: Sheppard, a Crackstarter, and Porter

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

A memorial for Darcy Allan Sheppard, in 2009.

  • Some new documents related to bike courier Darcy Allan Sheppard’s fatal 2009 altercation with former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant surfaced online today, thanks to a freedom-of-information request by Sheppard’s father. We’re not sure they reveal anything new about what was already a very intensely investigated case, but Sheppard Sr. thinks they cast doubt on the official version of events, in which his son is said to have been the aggressor.
  • Gawker’s Rob Ford Crackstarter (that is, their crowdfunding campaign to raise the $200,000 necessary to buy a cell-phone video that allegedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack) has topped $90,000. Now, if you donate, they’ll even give you copies of The Little Book of Rob Ford, from local publisher House of Anansi.
  • It has sure been a big couple weeks for Toronto in the international press. Here’s the New York Times on Porter’s plans to expand Billy Bishop Airport.

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  • HotDang

    I wonder why Joe Warmington said that Rob Ford would make a statement about his crack usage today. Perhaps it was a last minute change of plans. He really should make a more detailed statement about something as serious as this.

  • Dealmaker Devin

    If the Crackstarter hits $200,000, what’s to stop the dealers from upping the price to $250,000? I say, stop donating now, and give them a deadline to accept the $90,000 after which it goes poof, and they risk getting nothing for it.

    • Jason Cohen

      shows you know nothing about how kick starters work.

  • winkee

    You must not have read the documents or attended Sheppard Sr’s press conference if you conclude there are no new facts in an “intensely investigated case.” It never went to trial and it took over a year and freedom of information requests to get a portion of the evidence, so I’m not really sure how you define “intensely investigated.
    From the Post…
    ““Mr. Bryant did not give his version of the event until almost seven
    months later, giving him enough information and time to craft a scenario
    to suit the known facts,” Mr. Sheppard said. “Much of what Mr. Bryant
    said about the incident is uncorroborated, except by his wife, whose
    version, in turn, is corroborated only by Mr. Bryant.” and “Testimony of 19 witnesses on the scene of the event that led to my son’s death has been ignored or minimized,” he added.
    I normally greatly respect your writing, but that was callous and irresponsible. Bryant has enough support from navigator, he doesn’t need the Torontoist to downplay and dismiss a father’s request for a transparent evaluation of the facts.