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Duly Quoted: Karen Stintz on Transit Funding

TTC Chair says council "did leave the door open" for raising new money to pay for transit expansion, even though council didn't actually support any new fundraising mechanisms.

“It was and remains up to the Province—not the City of Toronto—to decide how it wants to pay for its transit intentions for the GTHA region. The majority of my council colleagues decided to follow the lead of Mississauga and other GTHA councils by not endorsing any particular transit tax.”

TTC Chair Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) on this week’s city council meeting, in which council voted in favour of introducing new taxes and levies to pay for transit in general, but declined to actually endorse any of the proposed revenue tools in particular. They rejected about a dozen of them, and neither supported or rejected three others (sales tax, development charges, and a corporate tax cut rollback).