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The City is Going to Be Removing Abandoned Bikes

If you've had your bike locked up in the same on-street location for a while, now might be a good time to move it.

If you see someone attacking a bike lock with an angle grinder at some point over the course of the next month or so, there will be a better-than-usual chance that they’re not just an incredibly brazen thief. The City announced yesterday that it’s going to be removing abandoned bikes from city streets during the next few weeks.

“Abandoned,” by the City’s definition, usually means a bike that isn’t in rideable condition and that has been locked in the same place for a long period of time—generally more than a month. The City’s press release says workers will be removing bikes that are “clearly abandoned,” but that neglected bikes that look as though they may not be totally forsaken will be taken away only after seven days’ notice, to be given in the form of a little note stapled around the frame.

They do this every year. We’d have nothing to lock our bikes to except other, rustier bikes if they didn’t.


  • Chris

    Thank GOD! This is long overdue. This city is rife with abandoned bikes. Everywhere I go there’s an old rusted out bike frame taking up a spot. Good riddance!

  • laika_and_milou

    Very happy about this. The posts in front of my building can be as much as half wasted by rusted bike corpses. I’ve been seeing notices attached to bikes in my neighbourhood for a week now. But they only seem to be on the obviously derelict ones. It’s nice that they are giving warning.

  • Walter Lis

    Does that include those white ghost bikes?

    I would assume that falls in the same category as those wreathes people put up along the street because of an fatal incident that happened there. They also eventually get cleaned up.

    BTW. Wreathes in cemeteries are also cleaned up. Especially in April, after the winter weather has done its job (in theory).

  • junctionist

    That’s what people tell themselves when they see someone brazenly stealing a bike. ‘He’s probably the owner who lost his lock keys or someone from the city or BIA. I shouldn’t do anything at all about it.’

  • Steveinto

    Why can’t they do this on a regular basis?. There are so few places, and in some instances no place to lock a bike.

    • HotDang

      Yearly is a regular basis, bro.

      • Steveinto

        OK, more then just a spring clean up, is that better?

  • CaligulaJones

    Something I’ve always wondered about: the bike here in the photo could conceivably been locked up, trashed, and the owner thought, why bother?

    But I’ve seen many non-trashed bikes locked up for quite some time.

    Do people really forget where they put them? Or is it some combination of the owner meeting a bad end/moved away quickly kinda thing?

  • OgtheDim

    The war on the no parking posts is OVER people.