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Extra, Extra: Liberals, Scanners, and the Mayor’s Work Habits

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Justin Trudeau at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone on March 27.

  • The Liberal Party of Canada is apparently having some trouble filling seats at a “leadership showcase” scheduled to take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend, where all six leadership candidates are supposed to be speaking. And no wonder: general admission tickets are $150. Maybe people would be more receptive to $25 tickets for just Justin Trudeau?
  • A Toronto company called Matterform is trying to perfect the consumer-grade 3D scanner (yes, this would be for use with your 3D printer), and it has raised a ton of money on Indiegogo. Don’t blow it, guys.
  • The CBC filed a freedom-of-information request for Mayor Rob Ford’s parking records and found that his average day at City Hall appears to last about four hours. That’s if he drives in at all.

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  • HotDang

    Wow only four hours… that’s some efficient mayoring. I bet it took that lazy communist David Miller all day to be mayor!

    • McKingford

      That’s just unfair. We all know what a big proponent of mass transit our mayor is, and this “study” by the CBC utterly fails to account for the many times he takes the TTC to work!

      • dsmithhfx

        So he drives in to work, drives home in four hours, and then takes the ttc back?

      • Steveinto

        I am assuming your comment is satire

  • malna

    Good ole fashioned Torontoist/CBC flame baiting.

    Ever think of the possibility that a lot of work does not happen in CIty Hall itself? I mean, it is pretty well documented that he is in a lot of other places while he is not at City Hall….

    There are about a million and a half job types that I can think of off the top of my head that don’t require your actual physical presence in an actual office. This is 2013 and we have a lot of cool new telecommunication technologies, in case you were not aware.

    Why even bother posting this information at all, with no context or commentary? The CBC article is a joke, and this website could have offered a fresh perspective.

    I understand this is a link post, but seriously. Sites like the Torontoist and CBC Toronto have actually buried themselves such a large hole in regards to Rob Ford that they have made the Rob Ford hating just seem so tiresome. It almost fuels his supporters to the Nth degree, in large part because the opposition and its publications like this just spew crap like this all the time.

    How do expect to have intelligent discourse about Rob Ford’s failings when all we do is talk about his non-consequential parking habits and his failed personal attempts at weight loss?

    • dsmithhfx

      “How do expect to have intelligent discourse about Rob Ford”

      How indeed.