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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford Press Secretary George Christopoulos

“There is no lack of leadership from the Mayor. The Mayor received an overwhelming mandate from Toronto taxpayers to go down to City Hall and get spending under control, keep taxes low and focus the City on the priorities of taxpayers.”

—First, the mayor and several of his allies voted to derail a debate on new revenue tools for transit. In response TTC Chair Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) condemned the mayor for his lack of leadership and vision. And then in reply the mayor’s press secretary, George Christopoulos, told the Sun that the mayor is a leader after all—he’s just fulfilling his mandate of keeping taxes low.

A coalition of city councillors have said they have the required two-thirds majority to overrule the mayor and hold a debate on transit anyway, and that they intend to do so at city council’s next scheduled meeting, on May 7-8.


  • Enough is Enough

    There are at least 44 other mandates from Toronto “taxpayers”, bub.

    It’s time to deport George Christopoulos, Nick Kouvalis, Dmitri Soudas, and people of their ilk like we did with Zundel.

    • Dinah Might

      Wolverine has a point! :-)

      • Kate Roberts

        lol i get it, cause he said “bub”… nice

        • My Real Name


  • hungry hungry artist

    He could do a better job of keeping taxes low by resigning. He’s done nothing but create political grid-lock. He’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars lost due to cancelled contracts, jarvis bike lane removal, and litigation due to inappropriate behaviour for soliciting donations as well as drunken groping. His successes? Due to his inability to work with people and gather support he’s squandered all the opportunities to build our fair city.

    The grim reality: we need HIGHER taxes to pay for transit. Or user fees on expressways, in addition to aggressive lobbying of the federal and provincial governments for transit money.

    Give him the hook!

  • lumpygravy

    Kudos to Karen Stintz for articulating what we all know, and, saying it in such a professional manner.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    It would seem nobody working for Ford knows what leadership is.

    • Jacob

      They didn’t read the manual. They didn’t need to, their dad was in politics.

  • Dave

    If the mandate as described were true, then leadership would be providing a response to Metrolinx that no new revenue sources were acceptable. Trying to punt the issue until it’s irrelevant because you can’t persuade council to follow is not leadership. Announcing your personal preferences to the press without working to create an official position for the municipality you’re supposed to represent is not leadership.

  • OgtheDim

    Leadership, apparently, is planning your first election poster based on a list of councilors who oppose you on one particular issue. Mug shots are optional.

    And if you don’t like it, take a taxi.

  • HotDang

    To a conservative, standing still shouting “la-la-la” with your fingers in your ears counts as leadership because change is bad.

  • Dinah Might

    “The Mayor received an overwhelming mandate from
    Toronto taxpayers to go down to City Hall and get spending under
    control, keep taxes low and focus the City on the priorities of

    Overwhelming mandate –> did not win a single downtown riding
    Go down to City Hall –> he was already there
    Get spending under control –> Waste money reneging on contracts
    Keep taxes low –> destroy City’s revenue tools so it can’t do anything for anyone
    Focus the City –> divide the City
    Priorities of taxpayers –> Priorities of Rob Ford

  • Dave

    “Let’s purposefully sabotage our opportunity to officially contribute our voices to the discussion on revenue tools, then pray that our political allies win the next provincial election” is not leadership. It’s a clear failure to act and an explicit pledge to let others take the lead – assuming they’re accorded the power to do so.

    I’m always amazed to see how these guys twist themselves into pretzels trying to justify the mayor’s incompetence.

    • Dave

      To add: I’d love to see the look on Ford’s face were Hudak to lose.

      • raindogxx

        Pretty sure Hudak will lose, as long as he keeps talking.

        • HotDang

          That’s what people said about Ford.

          • Dinah Might

            True, but let’s not forget how Hudak talked his way out of a near-guaranteed win last time around. Remember “McGuinty will give your money to dirty foreigners”?

          • dsmithhfx

            Ford won on the backs of the garbage strike, some blatant campaign lies (“No service cuts, guaranteed!”), and the AWOL-for-most-of-the-preceeding-18-months predecessor.

            This is a whole new ballgame: Ford’s been mayor, nearly lost it through his own, egregious blunders (twice), and accomplished damn near nothing, unless you count demoralizing an entire city, yet amusing the hell out of us at the same time.

        • Frederick W Harrison

          I’m calling it now… if Hudak wins Metrolinx will be gutted – he will consider it too costly given the financial situation and besides which those outside the GTA oppose paying for it from their taxes. And so Hudak will have helped kill the expansion of public transit for the second time in his career. Wonder if he’ll spend millions trying to fill in the hole in such a way as to prevent construction from resuming at a later date, like Mike Harris did?

  • KWaltz

    Just heard on the CBC “Toronto Councillor Gary Crawford, who, two days after voting
    to defer a debate on potential transit funding tools, reversed his
    position. Crawford said he has been swayed by council colleagues. His
    vote was crucial in the 6 to 4 decision by Mayor Rob Ford’s executive
    committee to defer the vote one month.” The inner circle is falling apart.

    • Testu

      Way to play the middle Gary. Too bad you weren’t swayed by the same arguments two days earlier when it would have actually mattered.

      Is every one of Ford’s allies a Machiavellian schmuck? They vote with him in council then try to distance themselves from their position when the public turn on him. It was weak when Mammoliti did it and it’s weak now.

  • Danno

    Ford’s a loser. Even his ideologically-aligned allies are finally realizing that and jumping ship.

  • Glenn Storey

    and toronto taxpayers have received overwhelming manboobs from rob ford.