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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford Press Secretary George Christopoulos

“There is no lack of leadership from the Mayor. The Mayor received an overwhelming mandate from Toronto taxpayers to go down to City Hall and get spending under control, keep taxes low and focus the City on the priorities of taxpayers.”

—First, the mayor and several of his allies voted to derail a debate on new revenue tools for transit. In response TTC Chair Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) condemned the mayor for his lack of leadership and vision. And then in reply the mayor’s press secretary, George Christopoulos, told the Sun that the mayor is a leader after all—he’s just fulfilling his mandate of keeping taxes low.

A coalition of city councillors have said they have the required two-thirds majority to overrule the mayor and hold a debate on transit anyway, and that they intend to do so at city council’s next scheduled meeting, on May 7-8.