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Weekend Newsstand: March 9, 2013

Enjoy some Daylight Savings Time–free living while you can, it's all over for us tomorrow. Meanwhile, the news! The Thomson-Ford saga continues; a highly-anticipated report weighing the options of potential casino locations is delayed (but MGM's advertising is not); a lengthy power outage drags on in the east end; and news about Sunday's subway service.

newsstand eglinton

It appears as though the Ford-Thomson saga won’t be resolved anytime soon, with both sides telling very different stories. Former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson has been out on a bit of a media blitz to tell her side of the story, which was that the mayor touched her inappropriately and made suggestive comments, while Mayor Rob Ford vehemently denies these allegations. At this point, Thomson is calling for an apology, and suggesting that they both take a lie detector test to prove who’s telling the truth. Only time will tell how this story plays out, but we have a feeling it will dominate headlines for a while yet.

The highly anticipated casino report will not be released to Mayor Ford’s executive committee next week as planned, according to information obtained by the Globe and Mail, as the City is waiting for additional information from the province’s lottery agency. The delayed report, which is to include a list of pros and cons of building a casino in the city’s downtown or expanding at Woodbine racetrack as well as results of the public consultations held earlier this year, is meant to be reviewed by the committee before it goes to council for a vote. According to a City spokesperson, council was set to debate the casino issue in early April, but now, depending on when the report is ready, it could be pushed back to May.

While plans to build the casino may be on hold, MGM is not slowing down its marketing plans. This morning, Toronto Star readers got a nice, big, splashy look at what the entertainment powerhouse has in mind for the Toronto casino. Oh, ahem, pardon us, the “seamlessly integrated resort.” As Metro Morning‘s Matt Galloway pointed out when he tweeted a picture of the ad, the word “casino” is nowhere to be found in this spread.

Thousands of Toronto residents are without power this morning, an issue likely to continue through to this afternoon. The power went out at eight apartment buildings in Thorncliffe Park at around 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon due to a problem involving an underground hydro vault, and at time of publication, are expected to remain out until later today.

A quick reminder: Due to signal upgrades, there will be no subway service between Union and St. George stations from Saturday at midnight to the start of Monday’s service at 6 a.m. Shuttle buses will be running frequently.


  • Carol Lambert

    Did McGuinty and Harper secretly meet to supress investigation to casino surveillance scam? Watch at YouTube: search “Windsor Casino Scam”.

  • Jacob

    This whole casino thing is going to happen, which is very unfortunate. The industry has put far too much money into designs and backroom lobbying at this point. Thank our lobbyist-friendly, schedule-obscuring, rabble-rousing mayor.

    • OgtheDim

      Not too sure of that. The no forces are very strong, widely based around the city, and range from the populist right to the very left. The lobbyists are doing their schtick but every councillor knows that a lobbyist can’t get them re elected.

      • rich1299

        Though under the table money from lobbyist sure can help them win re-election. But I agree to me it seems likely the no side will win, or at least keep a casino out of downtown and off the waterfront.

        I’m opposed to a casino in Toronto but if we must have one the only acceptable location for it is at Woodbine, not anywhere downtown or on the waterfront. At least a casino at Woodbine would save a lot of jobs related to horse racing which will most certainly be lost after the OLG pulled their slots out of there.

        A casino there offering horse racing would make it stand out from the ever growing crowd of casinos in Ontario and the northern US states. Plus its close to highways and a GO train line where a station could be added, at least I’m pretty sure that’s the Kitchener GO line that runs beside Woodbine.

        Ford’s Woodbine Live scheme collapsed so there’s more than enough room and its near the airport for hotels and convention space as well. But even better its not within walking distance of densely populated areas of the city where traffic congestion is already severe and there are no other attractions or restaurants nearby that would be hurt by a casino.

        Though I do like the plan for expanding the convention centre on Front so that it can attract more large conferences I don’t like the casino aspect of it. Conference space downtown makes a lot of sense since there are plenty of hotels and attractions for visitors who will actually leave the convention centre and support the local businesses unlike a casino where they never leave to spend money elsewhere.

  • David

    Given the heavy-hitters promoting a casino, we can only hope that enough councillors vote against the proposal.