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Sound Advice: Baby I Hate You by The BB Guns

'60s pop and '70s punk collide on The BB Guns' latest EP.

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A product of Toronto’s thriving garage/psych/surf rock scene, The BB Guns manage to show off their full range of influences on their upcoming EP Baby I Hate You.

On one hand, the album is full of bubblegummy ‘60s pop goodness and girl-group harmonies. The choruses are all catchy earworms, and the lyrics tend towards the lovelorn. On the other hand, all that ‘60s pop is balanced out by an equally good-sized dose of early punk rock, complete with shouted bridges, herky-jerky guitars, and vocals that have the odd audible sneer. If you can imagine Buzzcocks fronted by Ronnie Spector, you’re starting to get the idea.

“(She Thinks She’s) So Soho” and “Pennie Lane” are the best examples of the band’s split personality. The few lyrics in “So Soho” are delivered in a pissed off, high-pitch shout, while buzz saw guitars slash around in the background. The whole thing ends in a wailing wall of feedback. “Pennie Lane,” on the other hand, is all pretty harmonies, broken hearts, and tambourines. (You can listen to “So Soho” by clicking on the sample above.)

The title track sits somewhere in the middle. The harmonic verses transition into an aggressive bridge, with the band repeatedly yelling “move on” at a scorned lover. The whole thing gets progressively louder before coming to a sudden, satisfying end.

Over the last few years, The BB Guns have developed a reputation as the reigning queens of short, fast, and catchy. Baby I Hate You doesn’t disappoint.

CORRECTION: March 27, 2013, 4:00 PM This post originally listed this EP as being “new.” It has not yet been released, so we have changed it to “upcoming.”


  • Laura

    This is unreleased and not titled ‘Baby I Hate You’
    It is coming out in May 2013 on Marineville Records (UK).

    • Christopher Paul Dart

      Hey. I was just going by what was on the Marineville Bandcamp. What is the title? I can change “new” to “upcoming,” as well.

    • Christopher Paul Dart

      Drop me a line at and we can get it sorted out.