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Newsstand: February 14, 2013

Happy pizza-and-crying day, dear reader. Here's some news that may or may not get you feeling frisky: job cuts at Woodbine Racetrack, a city councillor is taken to hospital, students need more friendly adults in their lives, and the City dumps one mound of snow too many on a resident's driveway.


Sure, Valentine’s Day is a crass, commercial, pseudo-holiday that purports to be centred around love while feeding our mindless desire to consume and while simultaneously making the greedy corporate tastemakers who convince us to continue our never-ending cycle of consumption even richer, but there are some sweet stories to come out of it. Like this one about Ontario’s longest-wed couple. Look how sweet they are.

It’s a somewhat less happy story, however, for the over 100 employees at Woodbine Racetrack whose jobs have been cut as a result of the government ditching the Slots at Racetracks program. It’s tough times for the horse racing industry, and if these trends continue, the day could come when the tracks will shut down altogether. And then where will you wear your cream-coloured seersucker suits and hats with fruit on them? Think about it.

Councillor Mike Del Grande (Ward 39, Scarborough-Agincourt) has been taken to the hospital, where he’ll likely be for a few days. There is no word yet on his ailment, but we wish him a speedy recovery.

The TDSB now has definitive proof of what countless high school dramas have hinted at for years: a good chunk of students don’t feel like they have an adult at school they can trust. Clearly those students never had a librarian who wore an “Instant Idiot: Just Add Beer” T-shirt to school (thanks, Mr. Dunlop). The findings are part of the board’s massive student census, which was released yesterday and will likely serve as fodder for stories for days to come. In response, the TDSB is asking teachers to reach out more to students, which they will presumably have to do during class time only.

If you have a driveway, you know how frustrating it can be to have to shovel again and again as City snowplows dump mounds of snow at the foot of it. And if you don’t have a driveway, you probably know how funny it can be watching someone have to shovel again and again. But there’s nothing funny about a man who got so many plow dumps it resulted in an icy, metre-high snow wall of terror. The City has since apologized to him and will be cleaning up the snowbank, which goes to show that a letter to a journalist can be much more valuable than a letter to a bureaucrat.


  • SRC

    Can I get the city to clear sidewalk intersections too. The city rarely clears them, mountains of snow to climb over, then puddles, mini lakes when it starts to melt.
    Oh well I can figure out the answer, for th past two years I have been told only the suburbs, the car driving suburbanite, matters.

    • Glenn Storey

      but that would be gravy, no? frozen, dirty, ugly gravy.

    • tomwest

      If everyone who walked over them kicked a little bit of snow out the way, they’d all be clear in 24 hours.

      Alternatively, Toroonto could plough the sidewalk *after* the roads, so the intersections are cleared.

      • SRC

        The intersections are last to be cleared for pedestrian. It can take several days before it is done.

        • tomwest

          OK, then the sidewalk ploughs should just continue across the intersectign roasd, rather than going round the corner…

  • OgtheDIm

    Umm……icy metre high snow walls is pretty normal for most of the province if people don’t get out there quick enough. Yes, what this guy was gifted wasn’t right. But, I spend many a winter dealing with monstrosities like that.

    • torontothegreat

      “pretty normal for most of the province”

      Getting sick of this kind of comparison.

      This is Toronto, not some hick town where everyone owns a tractor or has all the time in the world.

      • OgtheDim

        Ummmmmmm……Hamilton? Kitchener?Ottawa?London?Windsor?

        They get more snow then Toronto and deal with it. Some guy gets dumped on, treated poorly admittedly, and has to deal with the sort of snow many people outside of TO deal with EVERY storm in the winter, and its news?!?!

        No wonder people here are laughed at for how they react.

        Oh, and the only guy I knew who owned a tractor was a farmer. Most of us used shovels and garden edgers (the blade types) for ice chopping (then along came snowblowers……….blew our minds).

        And don’t get me started on the lame “all the time in the world” schpiel, as if Torontoinans are the only ones who work hard for long hours.

        • torontothegreat

          Not Toronto. please refer back to my first comment.

        • torontothegreat

          While we’re at it. what about Winnipeg or Regina? :P

  • Kate Roberts

    Of course the city doesn’t care about someone living at christie and dupont – that’s leftist, late sipping, cyclist, commie territory! Let them eat cake right Fordo?