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Newsstand: February 1, 2013

There will be no mention of Rob Ford, the TTC, or casinos in Newsstand today. Ha, February Fools! In the news: Councillor Stintz wants to hear what Mayor Ford has to say; Mayor Ford might not want to hear what his auditor has to say; two large, and very monied companies come together for a casino; Toronto’s number of undocumented workers is set to increase; and the TTC is fancying up their fanciest assets.


Looking sleepier than ever, Rob Ford held a press conference to drum up some extra anger over the TTC’s recent sole-source Gateway Newsstand deal. TTC Chair Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) was on hand to make sure she was present. Sure, that’s sort of circular logic, but hey, this is politics. No word on whether Ford tried to require her to sign in at the news conference.

It has overall been a good week for Mayor Ford, and not just because the TTC has given him something to get all riled up about on his radio show. Rather, the week has been good to him because he was allowed to continue to be mayor. Well, now the week is ending and a whole new (but not really new) thing might give him a reason to feel not so great. The audit of Ford’s campaign finances is apparently set to be released as soon as today, but maybe not. An unfavourable result does not definitely mean the end of Ford’s mayorship, but it does mean that a three-member compliance audit committee may choose to hire a special prosecutor who will then decide which violations to pursue non-criminal charges for. Ohhh.

MGM and Cadillac Fairview (a company owned by the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan) have climbed into bed together to pitch a joint casino plan that promises such great things as “new dining concepts” from Mark McEwan, the guy from The Heat With Mark McEwan and Top Chef Canada. MGM has its sights set on Exhibition Place, so “new dining concepts” probably just means something weird being deep-fried.

Toronto apparently has the largest number of undocumented workers in all of Canada and according to U of T’s Audrey Macklin, federal immigration policies will only put more people into that position as time progresses. According to the law professor, other countries that have implemented restrictions similar to our four-year limit on temporary work permits have had major increases to the number of undocumented workers.

The TTC is trying out some upgrades to the Toronto Rocket subway trains that went into service in July. This means door chimes that play outside the cars and fancy yellow straps from the ceiling of the train. Xzibit would be proud.


  • tomwest

    A four-year limit on temporary work permits would make more sense if the government didn’t make you wait three years before you can apply for permanent residence and then take more than two years to process it.

  • dsmithhfx

    “No word on whether Ford tried to require her to sign in at the news conference.”

    Actually she barged right past his aide, muttering “Get the fuck out of my way, you slimy little twerp.” OK, maybe she didn’t say it, but it was written all over her smiling face.

    • dragonfly888

      Good for her !!!

  • Albin

    I believe we learn about both Rob Ford’s campaign expenses and Darwin the Ikea Monkey’s custody dispute – I can’t help but link them in my mind both legally and for the best all around. Possibly if Monkey Mom is ordered to pay Ford’s fines, she can keep him, and we can have Darwin as Mayor.

  • Jacob

    I wish there was someone who wasn’t on the far right who was as good at riling up the uninformed masses as Ford is…

    • dragonfly888

      Putting up smokescreens and diverting attention from the REAL issues is all that the “Ford-like” have at their disposal. More power to the sane and level-headed amongst us !!!

  • Eric S. Smith

    This means door chimes that play outside the cars…”

    I wonder if they’re going to fix the timing of the spoken announcement, too, so that it actually manages to say “Please stand clear of the doors,” before the doors have finished closing.