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Extra, Extra: Luggage Racks on the Bus, Marijuana on the Sly

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

A luggage rack on a 192 Airport Rocket bus. Photo courtesy of the TTC.

A luggage rack on a 192 Airport Rocket bus. Photo courtesy of the TTC.

  • The TTC announced today that it has added luggage racks to all 192 Airport Rocket buses (those are the ones that run between Kipling Station and Pearson). Anyone who has ever taken that bus will know why this is great.
  • Remember when Canada’s marijuana laws were struck down by an Ontario superior court judge? Today, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned that decision, meaning pot will continue to be illegal. Your dealer is very relieved.
  • A Reddit user made a heat map of rent prices in Toronto. Apparently there are places where you can find housing for $300 per bedroom, which seems indicative of imperfect data to us. Regardless, it’s fun to look at.
  • Toronto Sun Queen’s Park reporter Jonathan Jenkins is out of a job today. (Whether by choice or not, we don’t know.) Considering the ongoing bloodletting at Sun Media, he’s probably not the only one.
  • This is quite possibly the saddest local story of the month.
  • But hey, Buster’s Sea Cove is opening a new location in the PATH. Seafood!

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  • rich1299

    Good to know I could probably afford a 1 bedroom in the lake just south of the Scarborough shoreline.

    • Eric S. Smith

      If you spot a one-bedroom in the middle of High Park, please let me know right away.

      • rich1299

        Now that would be sweet, but 1 bedrooms in the middle of High Park are a little pricey for me, especially as you get closer to Grenadier Pond. Interestingly the rents are highest in the lake between Ward’s Island and Tommy Thompson Park, also a great location, if you could survive the lack of ventilation.

        Its a curious map in that it seems able to show pinpoint precision in some areas while also showing various rental rates for apts. that obvious do not exist. I thought I understood how “heat” type maps worked but this one is making doubt that I do, or maybe its the map.

        Regardless its rather depressing since I’ll be forced to move in the very near future from an apt I love even though its inconveniently located to as cheap a place I can find since my workplace insurance LTD benefits cut me off forcing me on to ODSP so I’m faced with finding a place to live for not too much more than the $500/month they allow for rent, and it turns out it’ll take months to complete the ODSP application process, or so I’ve been told, so its welfare in the meantime and $606/month total for everything. How do people even survive on that?

        We desperately need more affordable housing in this city.

  • treptower

    Gee, nice luggage rack. Somebody must have flown to Montreal within the last 2 years then hit up an IKEA sale.

  • edmundcjoconnor

    Edinburgh’s only had luggage racks installed on airport buses for, oh, ten years or so. Clearly the TTC is just taking its first tentative steps into the 21st century. However, Edinburgh’s airport buses are going to be outmoded in a few years by … a variation of LRT. Clearly for Toronto, the sheer idea of an LRT going to the airport is too out-there. Sheesh.

    • iSkyscraper

      Seriously. Welcome to 1999. As for the airport LRT, blame Ford. His push to bury the thing has made any chance of a cheap future surface extension along the Richview Expressway very difficult. But people prefer to talk about subways in Scarborough instead. Double sheesh.

      • rich1299

        Actually the western at grade expansion of the Eglinton west LRT to the airport is still on track, at least officially its considered stage 2. But somehow I doubt Metrolinx will ever consider funding a viable alternative to the Union Pearson rail link a funding priority. On the plus side the city may be able to extend the LRT on its own towards the airport, bit by bit, since surface LRT is much cheaper and the road is so incredibly wide out that way.

        • Irrelevant

          Not if Ford has anything to do with it. And they seem to be burying the Phase I terminal rather than bringing it to the surface.

          The Richview Lands are just waiting to have an LRT run through them. Makes far too much sense for anyone in subway-enraged Toronto to ever pull off though.