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Extra, Extra: Lost Teddies, Top Chef Contestants, and Talking About Crime

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.


  • From reader Matt Cahill: “I saw a ‘lost’ notice on a street pole at Howland and Barton streets—for a lost teddy bear. I found it charming/heart-breaking,” and so he sent it in. It is, and we hope this two-year-old is reunited with teddy soon.
  • Top Chef is one of the less annoying reality TV shows (it requires actual skill!) and the contestants of the next Canadian installment have just been revealed, with four Torontonians in the bunch. (Jann Arden, why are you guest judging though?)
  • The Toronto Police Service wants to get better at how they interact with victims of and witnesses to crime. To that end, they’ve launched a survey to help them learn more about the public’s experience interacting with them. If you have reported a crime to the police or been a witness to a crime in Toronto, you can take that survey here.

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