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Duly Quoted: Anonymous Minor Television Personality Outside Pusateri’s

“It’s convenient for consumers. And it’s a consumer-driven society.”

—This unnamed man—whom, the Star wryly notes, gave his name “on condition that his agent, whom the Star could not reach, approve any quotes”—is referring to a lay-by in front of Pusateri’s, a high-end Yorkville grocery store where the type of high-flying twerp who would demand quote approval for a man-on-the-street interview would TOTALLY shop all the time. The lay-by is a car-sized dent in the sidewalk in front of Pusateri’s that the store paid the City $75,000 to install. For 10 years, the space has been used as a customer parking spot/valet stand for the grocer, despite the fact that it’s supposedly available for public parking. Now, the City wants to remove the lay-by to widen the sidewalk. Pusateri’s, the Star reports, has hired a lobbyist in an attempt to prevent that from happening.


  • sol_chrom

    Well, excuse the sh1t out of me for thinking that the public good ought to come before the convenience of some smug, privileged little meat puppet.

    • Glenn Storey

      i’m pretty sure the meat puppets wouldn’t like it either.

  • andrew97

    Wondering if you asked any of the valets what they think.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Torontoist is quoting the Star quoting Ron James some guy.

  • OgtheDIm

    If Holts can figure out a way to do valet without a lay-by, surely Pusateri’s can.

  • Bradley

    More like a driving consumer society! Hey-o!

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    I can’t tell if this is part of the War on Cars or the War on Downtown Elites.

    • Roger B

      Definitely the War on Cars.

      Remember in Rob’s world regular folks ride brand new Mercedes SUVs, except when driving 2nd or 3rd vehicles stashed at 2nd & 3rd homes on prime real estate in tropical climes or Muskoka.
      The elite are easy to point out since they deliberately get in the way of the common man by riding buses, streetcars, bikes or dare to cross streets when walking.

  • Melissa Campbell

    The people who shop at Pusateri’s are some of the WORST people ever. So entitled and stuck up! Their deli food is very good tho (the tuna salad, omd). However I’ve been skeptical of them since their other location got shut down for having rats and shit all over the inside. (Can you imagine being the type of place that charges like $10 for a little croissant ham sandwich while having filth and rats everywhere behind the scenes?! Yuck!)

    The mini valet spot always seemed a little ridiculous to me, but if they paid the city $75,000, it seems they should get to keep it. The valets are really nice and always keep an eye on my dog when I go in, hope they don’t lose their jobs.

    • torontothegreat

      “The people who shop at Pusateri’s are some of the WORST people ever. So entitled and stuck up! Their deli food is very good tho…”


  • SteelesAvenue

    In my long ago youth, I worked at the coffee counter in Pusateri’s. An entire day of serving coffee yeilded literally 15 cents in tips. these people are scum.

    • SRC

      They vote conservative, not real conservative, but the likes of Stephen Harper, Mike Harris, Tim Hudak, Rob Ford. Elitists for elitist politicians.

    • Dan

      Maybe it’s because nobody tips supermarket workers, nor should they. In fact, nobody working in any type of coffee place should be tipped.

      • SteelesAvenue

        Well thankfully I dont work in coffee anymore, but you are wrong, you always have to tip at least 25c for a coffee. if you cant afford to tip, you cant afford to go out!