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Newsstand: January 23, 2013

It is already Wednesday. So, take your time; go into work late. Just relax. Or be really frantic. It’s your choice. In the news: most people want a Toronto casino; Sun News wants you to give them money; pump organ, free to a good home; cold; and the provincial deficit takes an unexpected squishing.

Slightly better than 50 per cent, how do you like those odds? A new poll from Ipsos Reid puts public opinion for a casino in Toronto at 52 per cent, with naysayers and undecideds at 42 per cent and six per cent respectively. According to a senior VP at Ipsos, that is a major lead for the pro-casino camp. Residents of East York were the least likely to be in for a Toronto Casino, while people from North York and Etobicoke were the most likely to be cool with building a house of gaming in Toronto the Good.

The socialists over at the Sun News Network are furthering their plan to force their agenda down the throats of all Canadians. That, friends, is communist mind control. You are honest, hardworking citizens and now big brother Ezra is demanding a handout from you—each and every one of you—just because you subscribe to cable television. You know who else forces people to give them money? Despots, that’s who.

Are you in vital need of an organ? Here is your chance to get one donated to you by Elizabeth Scott, an 85-year-old north Toronto woman. It’s old, but lovely.

The air is very cold outside. Or, as Peter Kimbell, an Environment Canada meteorologist, describes the situation: “It’s January.”

Removing labour rights aside, the province has announced that this year, our deficit will be about $2.9 billion smaller than expected. This comes from a combination of unexpected revenue, like an extra $1 billion from corporate taxes, and reduced spending, such as the money saved by removing the ability of teachers to bank sick days.


  • James D Paterson

    There’s a reason Sun News isn’t available, and why Rogers dropped them to such a high channel.

    It’s Sun News.

    Nobody in their right mind watches Sun News, save for comedians and other people who write about how terrible Sun is and needs something to refer to. They’re like our version of Fox News, but much more evil.

    Horrible idea. CRTC is foolish to even consider it, but I suppose they’re required.

  • Sean Hawkins


  • Tedhealey

    Has Graphic Matt done a graph about how many CRTC complaints the Sun “News” channel has got over it’s lifespan compared to …oh …Global?

    I bet he doesn’t have a monitor big enough to show Ezra’s alone.

  • Angela

    This is where you go to file your opinion on the Sun New Media ruling before Feb 20th

    • James D Paterson

      Thank you for the link. I’ve filled everything out and have sent it on.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Suburban Toronto lets us all down once again.

    • dsmithhfx

      If we must have one, put it in Etobicoke, put a wall around Etobicoke, and throw a bag of quarters over the wall.

      • jaaaaaaat

        i am in favor of the Etobicoke Wall and the affiliated Etobicoke Bag of Quarters.

  • Rob R.

    Channel 15 was the former home of Sun TV. When Sun launched their atrocious ‘news channel’ they previewed it on ch 15 and thought they could leave it there and abandoned Sun TV.

  • Glenn Storey

    dear sun media. you suck.

  • OgtheDIm

    Without the background info on exactly how that poll was done for OLG chair Paul Godfrey…sorry the Post…we really have no idea what that poll means.

    Release the methodology or its bogus.

  • adamd1

    So… how would one contact the pump-organ owner should they actually wish to take it off her hands? I searched through numerous replications of the same story and not a single one of them features *any* means of contacting this person.

    That’s two stories in a row this week that have done that – the other being about the homeless woman in Calgary who returned a purse containinh ~$10,000. YWCA allegedly set up a trust fund but said that there were “zero” donations. Not a single word about how to donate, who to contact, etc. Is this a new trend in “feel good” stories? Drum up interest but never offer any means of contributing?

    Stupid stupid idea.

    • adamd1

      Ah. You can tweet the journalist who wrote the story: @niamhsays. She will ask for contact details and pass them along to Ms. Scott. It would have been nice to include that in the story.