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Newsstand: January 11, 2013

In the news: The teacher walk-out is ruled illegal, Toronto's budget has some extra cash, flights get bungled at Pearson, and monkeys also have trouble putting Ikea furniture together.

The city’s elementary schools will not, in fact, be closed today: a one-day walkout by elementary teachers in protest of collective agreements imposed on them by the Ontario government was ruled illegal by the Ontario Labour Relations board at about 4 a.m. today, and the union said that it expects teachers in the Toronto, York, Peel, Durham, and Halton boards will be at work today. Bus service in Toronto and York has been cancelled, however, and drivers should pay extra caution in school zones due to a reduced number of crossing guards.

Toronto’s municipal budget holds a surprise this year: extra money. Nearly $7 million extra has been found for 2013, and the funds will be used to hire firefighters and paramedics, keep leaf pickup going in the ‘burbs, and shore up student nutrition and adult rec programs. The money comes to the city courtesy of extra construction revenues, and Mayor Ford moved the motion for extra spending across a variety of areas. Hopefully we’ll get to see council work together to get this through.

Thousands of flights were delayed at Pearson airport yesterday evening after a computer glitch hit the flight-planning system. Both incoming and outgoing flights were affected, and dozens of flights were cancelled last night as Nav Canada worked to fix the error. The backlog appears to be cleared, but if you’re flying out of the airport today, it might be a good idea to double check your departure time.

And for new news in the meme that just won’t quit, you can now get your Ikea Monkey fix through a video game created by animation students at Seneca College. In the game, Darwin wanders through an Ikea parking lot in search of the parts needed to construct a Billy shelf. Easier said than done, monkey.


  • Anonymous

    That game sucked.

  • James D Paterson

    I love, love, love the attitude and presumptuousness of the TDSB (and other boards). They were so sure that the courts would side with them, and closed all schools. Yet at 4am this morning, when the courts sided against the whining ingrates, they send messages to all parents saying “oops, we done screwed up, our schools now be open after all, sorry (not really) for the 430am call letting you know about this, but you didn’t really expect us to have scruples, did you? LOLWTF”

    This nonsense has gone on long enough. If only it were possible to fire all of these bullshit artists and replace them with a new crop. Inexperience sometimes outweighs what we currently call “educators.”

    • Testu

      You do realize that TDSB wanted to keep the schools open right? It was ETFO (the elementary school teachers union) that had planned the walkout. The teachers union lost, so schools are open and the teachers are at work. Since there was no way to know if the teachers would get the right to strike before hand TDSB closed the schools because there’s no way to run them if the teachers weren’t there.

      TDSB and ETFO are on (roughly) opposite sides in this. If you’re going to call someone a whining ingrate at least have the decency to figure out who you’re actually mad at first.

    • CaligulaJones

      “They were so sure that the courts would side with them, and closed all schools.”

      Um…no. They were unsure that the Labour Board (quasi-court) would side with them, so they closed the schools. Not a popular decision, but probably a prudent one.

      The boards actually WON. You do get that, right?

  • patrick

    I wonder what is
    worse: – schools threatening to “strike”, yet again, putting “at risk” the
    education of our young children, or… – the fascist /communist act of denying
    worker of any sort or union, the right to “strike” due to the cost to the state
    or establishment. Don’t worry, this is Canada, there is no way that this threat
    hits at a larger scope than our self-righteous, sanctimonious and let’s face it
    “Conservative a la American Totalitarian Gov’t” –selves will permit.