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Five TTC Enforcement Officers Face Charges for Falsifying Offence Tickets

Charges of falsifying provincial offence tickets and obstructing justice in a practice that allowed enforcement officers to skip out on work.

Detail of a photo by {a href=""}Photolifer{/a} from the {a href=""}Torontoist Flickr Pool{/a}.

The TTC transit enforcement unit is 40 people strong—or was until now, at least. Eight of those enforcement officers have been dismissed, and five charged, in connection with an investigation that revealed that hundreds of provincial offence tickets, such as tickets for panhandling on the TTC, were falsely issued. Because of the unit’s small size, all of those dismissed and charged would have known each other, said TTC spokesperson Brad Ross in a press conference today, but it’s not clear whether they were working together in a systematic way.

Essentially, it was a way of getting out of work: the officers would show up in uniform, but then issue false tickets at locations where they weren’t actually present, instead of actually patrolling.

The TTC began investigating this matter in September, after a pattern of “irregularities in the tickets” and in the behaviour of the individuals involved emerged.

“I share CEO Andy Byford’s profound disappointment that our staff were not coming to work and in covering for their absences have been alleged to issue false provincial offences tickets,” TTC chair Karen Stintz said. “Any tickets that were issued inappropriately will be cancelled.” The TTC will also be examining its internal processes to try to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Stintz’s greatest concern, she said, is that this will compromise the public’s trust in the TTC just as it’s been trying to restore it over the past year or so. “To have this type of action happen is disappointing for the entire organization,” she said, “and really a slap in the face to the employees who go in to work every day.”

The recipients likely don’t even know these tickets exist, since those tickets were never actually distributed to the purported offenders in person and they have no mailing address at which to receive court notices. They are real people, however—the TTC staff in question didn’t make up names. Ross explained that the ticket recipients were people who are known to TTC staff, such as regular panhandlers (whom the TTC does not ordinarily ticket).

Of the eight TTC staff involved, five face charges of obstructing justice and fabricating evidence. The TTC found evidence of “misconduct” with the remaining three, but the police found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.


  • OgtheDim

    So I guess this means they have a ticket quota.

    • bullydefender

      They have no quota, they can write as many tickets as they want! bazinga!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a secret that law enforcement officers of every stripe have quotas. It’s how they pay for their exorbitant salaries.

      • Corey Mez

        How else do you rate the work their doing. The Goverment knows that “x” estimated crimes of all flavors go on in a single day so where’s those tickets? it’s a good way to make sure their doing the job correctly.

  • Anonymous

    What constitutes loitering? 20 minutes? 30? 60? There’s the answer to the TTC’s financial problems. Fine all of those millions of riders loitering while they are waiting for the next train, bus or streetcar.

    • Corey Mez

      “loiter v. to linger or hang around in a public place or business where one has no particular or legal purpose. In many states, cities, and towns there are statutes or ordinances against loitering by which the police can arrest someone who refuses to “move along.” There is a question as to whether such laws are constitutional. However, there is often another criminal statute or ordinance which can be applied specifically to control aggressive begging, soliciting prostitution, drug dealing, blocking entries to stores, public drunkenness, or being a public nuisance.”
      Essentially not buying anything and hanging around like a vragrant.

  • bullydefender

    The TTC Special Constables have the same powers obn TTC property as the police do! They are extremely highly paid, and have a benefit plan that most guys would pass a stone to have! This disgraceful conduct just goes to show how entitled they thought they were! Losers!

  • Madmarticus

    They all live in the 905…

  • doubletwist

    No wonder our taxes are so high, we are subsidizing these guys to go out and have fun instead of actually working!

  • thereckoning

    nice salaries
    2011 Ont salary disclosure
    Michael Schmidt $129,150
    Tony Catic $114,185
    Jan Posthumus n/a
    Jamie Greenbank $107,962
    Neil Malik $102,654

    • Wally

      You should check what police officers make with OT if you think that is crazy.

      • thereckoning

        Given the risk that a police officer can face while on the job I think that it is safe to say these compensation numbers are higher than your average cop pay.

        Furthermore, one of these individuals managed to earn double what the supposed average ttc officer earns at $60k to $70k. I don’t think many police officers can achieve that kind of compensation bump via o/t.

        And we haven’t even talked about competency…. I would hazard to guess that these guys have only a fraction of the training a police officer receives. How many were police rejects?

        Don’t get me wrong, I think that total compensation in the public sector has detached from reality and now it is time for the party to come to an end.

        I’m glad these individuals lost their jobs for what truly amounts to being too stupid to realize how good they had it. They certainly did not deserve they privileges they were so willing to abuse.

        • Corey Mez

          While I agree with you that they deserved to be fired for this, I have to call you out on the competency issue, they receive every bit of training a regular constable in toronto has. Infact its the same training procedure. How many of them are police rejects? answer: NONE, this is a special constable (policing) job and therfore they got accepted as one. These jobs are hard to get and the police do not hire underqualified individuals as T.V. and american Movies may have led you to believe prior to posting that nonsense.

          • Thereckoning

            My bad, i guess my respect for tv/American movie police prevented me from believing that these jokers could actually have the same training as the real police officers.

  • Peter

    Bullydefender – they are transit enforcement officers, not special constables. They lost there powers a few years back…. so they DON’T have the same authority as police. They are just provincial offense officers now…

  • Nick

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? I guess no one!

    • Anonymous

      Well, uh, someone was ipsosing them, because they got caught and fired.

      • Nick

        Good point, t_rek. But it doesn’t seem that it was due to active vigilance (such as using planted panhandlers) on the part of the guard watchers (TTC management)…

      • the_lemur

        They were custod-ing their own lazy ipsos.