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Extra, Extra: Free Leafs Tickets, Unimaginable Guilt, and Our Famous Supermarket

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Photo by {a href=""}gable.mak{/a}, from the {a href=""}Torontoist Flickr Pool{/a}.

  • The Maple Leafs are evidently aware that their PR hasn’t been stellar lately (or, really, ever in recent memory). Will a few fan-appreciation promotions help heal the rift between the team and its fans? In any case, the Leafs are handing out 1,000 tickets to their home opener, so at least recipients of those will be happy.
  • Chris Spence, the now-former TDSB education director, ruined himself by repeatedly plagiarizing the writing of others. Now, a Star op-ed argues that Spence’s fall is an affront to all “blacks and minorities who have worked hard to attain success.” Ouch.
  • Kitchener is pretty excited about the impending launch of BlackBerry 10. Of course they are. It’s not like another international tech giant is going to headquarter itself in Waterloo if RIM folds.
  • The Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens got some international attention today. Tourists take note. [Via Derek Flack]

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  • ShabbaRich

    Please stop talking about the Maple Leafs, this is not a sports site. Now that MLSE is buying ads on Torontoist are we going to hear about this overhyped crap every day?

    • OgtheDim

      Buying Ads? Are you talking about those ones based on your prior search results?

      More importantly, last I heard this was a site who’s “goal is to capture the tenor and texture of life in Toronto, to evoke the daily experience of the city in words and images.” If you think some part of the texture of this city should be ignored, take it up with the rest of the city.

      Its not like this is a puck head site.

      • ShabbaRich

        I guess you’ve fallen for the hype too. Four separate posts this week alone is pretty puck-heady in my book. Surely the texture of this city is richer than that.

        • vampchick21

          Heavens forbid! FOUR wicked and evil posts about sports mixed in how many posts put up in a week? The nerve of some blogs!

          • ShabbaRich

            No, that’s four posts about the Leafs, four more added to the tsunami of Leaf coverage in all the other outlets… hey I love sports, where’s the story about Toronto FC’s new draft picks this week, or the Canadian skating championships in Mississauga, or the Raptors….

          • wally

            So this isn’t a sports site, but if they talk too much -about a pretty significant return- for your liking, they have to be a full out sports site? You want them to cover figure skating in Mississauga (Not Toronto) and a team that everyone has given up on? Sounds like there’s other reasons for your anger, might just be a deep resentment of the leafs?

    • tyrannosaurus_rek
  • HotDang

    I kind of hate the new-ish loblaws in the old MLG.

    You have to fight to get through that faux marketplace area to get into the store, and you have to fight through a bottleneck by the escalators to get back out. It feels like being trapped in a prison, except it’s much worse because there are no gangs you can join for protection.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Isn’t a faux marché at the front of the store par for the course with Loblawses?

      • HotDang

        Yes, but the gauntlet aspect at the MLG location is novel.

    • OgtheDim

      There are two exits you know.

  • stopitman

    Since everyone’s complaining about something in this article:

    What’s up with the smug attitude towards KW? It has an incredibly impressive tech industry considering its size, has a bunch of large companies already there, and the highest number of tech start-ups outside of Silicon Valley. Basically one (UW) university’s undergrad students (25,000) are able to create more companies than the 100,000+ students of Toronto’s three universities. Sure, one company isn’t doing amazingly as it once did, but otherwise the cities have good growth with tech & good stability with insurance.