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Councillor Ana Bailão Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving

At a press conference this afternoon, Councillor Ana Bailão (Ward 18, Davenport) said that she has pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges brought against her in October, when she was pulled over by police while driving home from a night out at the Thompson Hotel. She had been drinking in the company of some City Hall types. Among them, Bailão told reporters today, were lobbyists involved in casino negotiations with the City. Initially, she said she’d plead not guilty.

The Star reports that Bailão’s admission, today, was a tearful one, and that her driver’s license has been suspended for a year. She has also been fined $1,000.

Her blood alcohol level was reportedly 0.13, whereas the legal limit is 0.08.


  • HotDang

    1. Wasn’t she being wined and dined by lobbyists in an unregistered manner before this happened? If so, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about that.

    2. This will hurt her reelection chances. I voted for the other guy, (it was Kirk Russell time, after all), so what do I know.

    • dsmithhfx

      I’m interested in the lobbyist angle too. Were they plying her with drinks? What else?

      • TorontoistEditors

        In her press conference Bailao said that she wound up at the same bar as some lobbyists but that she did not go there with them, and that she did not have any discussions about casinos with them there.

        • dsmithhfx

          So “not guilty”, to coin a phrase…

  • Matthew

    I never understood the way drunk driving laws are formed. I find that with it being more common it needs a different approach. I read somewhere in Arizona I believe they treat it as a “addiction” issue and impose penalties much differently that don’t criminalize people. Now of course this is controversial but over the years it has proven effective and they have seen a reduction in drunk driving. Also we had lobbyist groups like MAAD working out here but someone explain why it’s not 0 tolerance… dun know

    • Egon

      In Arizona they treat actual “addiction issues” as criminal offenses so forgive me my skepticism.

  • Seymour

    She’s lucky she didn’t kill someone. There’s no excuse for drinking and driving. Especially in Toronto with all the other options we have to make it home safe. Shame.

  • Anonymous416

    So depending on her exact weight and how long she spent wining with casino lobbyists, the Wisconsin DOT BAC calculator tells me she had about 5 drinks.

    A BAC of 0.13 translates to: “Gross motor impairment and lack of physical control. Blurred vision and major loss of balance. Euphoria is reducing and dysphoria is beginning to appear”

    Yikes. Glad I wasn’t on the road in front of her (headlight-less) car that night.

  • Drake Smith

    she shoulda gone on Oprah first

  • ModernLife

    I would have preferred that she was charged with 1 count of “attempted vehicular manslaughter” for every pedestrian she passed, but that will have to wait until I’m king.

  • SteelesAvenue

    this was just after she voted to get rid of the jarvis bike lanes and just before she voted NO to a $100,000 AIDS prevention program paid for by the province. maybe 12 months on the lansdowne bus will soften her cold tiny heart.

    • Joe McBlow

      i get it. you’re trolling….but really….the fact that she doesn’t support a particular agenda somehow counts against her in the case of an absolute wrong…it would be okay if she drove drunk if she voted for the bike lanes and AIDS prevention?

  • Constituent

    CBC radio reports this morning that MADD esimates her blood alchol level would indicate 8 – 10 drinks. Driving through the streets of downtown Toronto with her lights out, 8 – 10 drinks… Terrifying.

    • dsmithhfx

      She gave a press conference, so she’s clearly absolved of any further scrutiny in this matter. Just a rookie councillor out painting the town red with some friendly casino lobbyists. Move along, nothing to see…

  • mark_dowling

    Better headline: “Councillor, having lied about drunk-drive arrest, cops plea”

  • mark_dowling suggests renting out her parking spot would bring in $5K to the city to net off her taxi bills:

    • dsmithhfx

      She could start a private charity and solicit donations from lobbyists…