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Ikea Monkey? Ikea Monkey!

A tiny monkey, nicely covered in a tiny shearling coat, wandering around Ikea.

Nobody knows how or why yet, but earlier today a tiny monkey (it looks to be a capuchin, though we’re certainly no experts) was spotted by several shoppers at the North York Ikea, at Leslie and the 401. It seemed unattached—nobody has claimed responsibility for the monkey (yet)—but at least well-tended, wearing a shearling coat to protect from the winter chill. The Star reports that the monkey was safely captured by Toronto Animal Services, and that he or she has been snacking on grapes while calming down.

UPDATE, 6:18 PM: CP24 is reporting that the monkey’s human has come forward. Police will not be pressing charges, and the monkey will hopefully be home safe shortly.

Ikea Monkey Surprises Holiday Shoppers

At Leslie and the 401, a monkey in a shearling coat lost in IKEA.

Storified by Torontoist · Sun, Dec 09 2012 15:31:38

The first photo of Ikea monkey, at 2:40 p.m.:
Anyone lose their monkey at Ikea? Lin
This was followed just a few minutes later by another…
Umm saw a monkey in the #ikea parking lot. Iler Page
How did employees react?
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" – panicked Ikea employee #ikeamonkeyanne t. donahue
And then, the inevitable…
hey animal services could use a little more SERVICE around here #eeeeyyyyyIkea Monkey


  • Anonymous

    Touch the monkey, touch the monkey, touch the monkey.

  • Anonymous

    Touch the monkey, touch the monkey, touch the monkey.

  • Jacob

    IKEA Monkey for Mayor

  • AJ

    Did Ross lose his monkey?

  • Anonymous

    I heard from a friend who works for Toronto Wildlife Centre that this monkey is now in their care until they can find an appropriate sanctuary for it to go to permanently.

    I’m sure it will be very hard on the little guy losing his home and family, despite monkeys being banned as pets this one sure does seem well cared for at least, mind you what sort of vet care it could get I don’t know, they might not even be able to find a vet in Toronto who treats monkeys let alone one who wouldn’t turn them in. It may be in good health now but almost certainly will need vet care at some point, at least this way the monkey will be able to get that care.

    Hopefully their humans will be able to visit to help the monkey make the adjustment, and the monkey gets to keep that great coat too.

  • Daisee Dukes
  • Auger

    that mono is a macaqe but gad can it weare a coat!