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Bailão’s DUI Case Set for December 17

Court date later this month for the Davenport city councillor.

First appearances were held in an Old City Hall courtroom today in Ana Bailão’s drunk driving case. The first-term councillor (she serves Ward 18, Davenport) was not in attendance for the 30-second meeting, which set her court date for December 17. She is a crucial swing vote on council, and has continued to serve her ward pending the trial.

According to police, Bailão had her car headlights off when she was pulled over at Bathurst and Harbord streets on October 16 at 1:43 a.m. She was arrested for having a blood alcohol level over 80mg per 100ml of blood. The legal limit in Ontario is 50mg.

Reportedly, on the night of the arrest she went out for drinks following the Mayor’s Ball for the Arts with casino lobbyist and influential Sussex Strategy Group principal Jamie Besner; former Rob Ford chief of staff Nick Kouvalis; and councillor Mark Grimes, the chair of Exhibition Place (a proposed casino site).

A dozen councillors came out to support Bailão at her press conference the next day. She called the incident “regrettable” and intends to plead not guilty.

Bailão declined to comment for this article due to the ongoing legal proceedings.


  • Anonymous

    Be interesting to see if her cheering section puts in an appearance…

    • Anonymous

      Woo! Drunk drivers are the greatest. Go Ana!

  • Anonymous

    I’m very curious to hear her defence strategy.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a leftist plot. She has more important things to do, like entertain lobbyists. This ain’t Pakistan! Etc.

  • Jumpstar

    Sad. Drunk driving is a serious crime. And here she is playing legal fine-tuning.

  • queenwester

    It was a bad choice on her part to drive home that night. One that many people make all the time sadly. I didn’t vote for her but she’s actually turned out to be a decent Councillor and it seems like many others in my ward now also agree. Be a shame to see her go.

    • Anonymous

      Her being kicked off council as an immediate consequence isn’t even on the table. Maybe she should just take her licks like any other, ostensibly ‘law-abiding’ citizen. Anyway, as someone else put it, it will be be very interesting to see how she will support a not-guilty plea in court.

    • PlantinMoretus

      What are you basing your assessment of her as a “decent Councillor” on? She seems like a non-entity to me.

      • Anonymous

        She took a courageous stand on the TCHC committee against the sell-it-off nutters like MDG and DMW. Of course, TCHC tenants may account for a disproportionate number of desperate calls to our illustrious mayor’s personal help phone. And it’s not really a get out of jail free card either — “a crucial swing vote on council” may be.

  • Richard Silver

    This could be a great teaching experience for all if she took responsibility in her wrongdoing. Seems to be ongoing with politicians and it is working through our society!