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After Newtown, Dalton McGuinty Announces $10 Million for School Security

The premier hopes to install video cameras at entrances.

Dalton McGuinty announced today that the province will be earmarking $10 million for security at elementary schools, in response to last week’s shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. At a press conference this morning, the premier called the idea “an appropriate and reasonable response,” according to the Star. The Canadian Press writes that McGuinty’s goal is “to equip all elementary schools by the start of classes next fall with video cameras to make entrances more secure.”

This new funding, according to the Sun, is an extension of the Safe Welcome Program, a $3-million initiative started by the province in 2005. It helped improve security at 850 elementary schools.

Is this reaction as “appropriate and reasonable” as McGuinty says it is, though? The Newtown shootings were a tragedy, but they happened in another country—and one with gun laws more relaxed than Canada’s, at that. There’s no question that something just as terrible could happen here, but so could any number of other types of awful things. It’s hard to believe that anybody wants or expects the province to react to every gruesome international headline with a $10 million cheque. It seems more likely that this is about optics for a guy (and a party) that doesn’t, at the moment, have the best reputation for fostering quality elementary education.

At any rate, some video cameras probably won’t hurt.


  • Anonymous

    Are these special cameras that stop bullets?

    • Anonymous

      Same manufacturer as those armoured backpacks?

    • Anonymous

      Unless they’re wired up to claymore mines, they won’t stop anything.

  • richmin

    I think there’s more, if not better use of the $10M to help protect the schools and children.

  • Anonymous

    If McGuinty really wants to avoid terror in Ontario schools, he should ban the over medication of children with perceived mental health issues, by the mental health care professionals lobbied by pharmaceutical industry.

  • Stephanie

    Sandy Hook elementary had locked doors and video cameras too. Which accomplished exactly nothing except inconveniencing people entering the building legitimately. If Dalton McGuinty were going to throw some money the TDSB’s way, that money could be far better spent on catching up with long-deferred maintenance and repairs. Instead the schools will get useless cameras. Great.

  • Susan3562

    What self-serving attention seeking!! Explain to me how $10 million dollars worth of security equipment is going to stop a masked gunman’s bullets???!?? I feel the students and teachers will be SOO safe now. Should make for GREAT news though as the sensationalistic TV stations get to play over and over and over and over again video of the gunman entering the building before killing everyone. Wonder if he has the newspapers greasing his pocket too??? STOP USING A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY TO TRY TO GET YOUR NOSEDIVING RATINGS UP DALTON…IT’S DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…BUT NOT SURPRISING FROM YOU.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the money be better spent on bulletproof doors that can bolt to the floor to keep shooters out of the classrooms? Or security shutters that can seal off parts of the school in an emergency? Cameras do nothing.