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Toronto Has Set Unofficial Temperature Records for Two Days Running

You may have noticed that the weather has been unusually balmy for the past couple of days—but in fact, as it turns out, “unusual” isn’t really the word. Environment Canada data suggests that the warmth is actually unprecedented. (At least since 1937, which is the earliest year the agency keeps track of for these purposes.)

According to preliminary temperature measurements from Environment Canada’s weather reporting station at Pearson Airport, yesterday’s high was 18.4 degrees. In Toronto, the previous record high for November 11 was 17.2 degrees, in 1938.

Today, at noon, Pearson reported a high of 19 degrees, which, when confirmed by Environment Canada, will mean Toronto has just broken the previous record for November 12, set in 1964: 18.9 degrees.

And so yes, this probably has something to do with global climate change, and certainly if scientists’ predictions are correct we’ll have more and more days like these in falls and winters to come.

But for now, at least, it’s kind of nice. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder, so enjoy yourself while you can.