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Spotted: Trapped Bixi Bikes

SPOTTED BY: Laurence Lui

WHERE: The Bixi Station on the south side of Front Street, along the Federal Building between Bay and Yonge streets.

WHEN: Sunday, November 25 at 8 p.m.

WHAT: Walking home last night, occasional Torontoist contributor Laurence Lui spotted this construction/cycling conflict at the main Bixi station that serves Union. As of last night, the hoarding was blocking off about half of that Bixi station, with many of the bikes there rendered inaccessible.

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  • Anonymous

    “We’ve known for months that we’d be putting scaffolding here but we’re such enormous assholes we can’t even be bothered to take 4 seconds to call bixi to give them time to move their bikes.”

    • Anonymous

      I saw this scaffolding in the mids of being put up at that location on Friday eve, I believe it was. There was a bixi guy there taking bikes away, although didn’t seem he much cared about the ones that were being built around. He was just grabbing ones that weren’t in the way. Thought it was a bit odd.

  • Daryl Fritz

    Did smart ass Bixi users return the bike to the hard-to-use docks? Or did the scaffolding company build around the bikes? I would assume Bixi have the ability of disabling some of the docks so bikes can’t get returned, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

    • Anonymous

      Your reply to this article is really weird and stand-off-ish.

  • Dmitry Beniaminov

    these photos describe precisely what’s wrong with Toronto’s approach to mass transit – it’s basic lack of concern for people using it. @bixitoronto is an established transit alternative (short-distance, and surely not a competition to the big, mighty @ttchelps). The fact that these two (very public-oriented) organizations couldn’t get their planners/workers to find an elegant solution and just move the bikes to available docks a few feet away – is a sad symbol of nimbyism and lack of understanding of Toronto transit needs. It’s a small thing – would literally take minutes to unlock and roll the bikes over – but the fact that it wasn’t done in time shows gaps in communication. Fail!

  • Matthew Fabb

    If that is the station I think it is, it was originally right in front of Union Station but was moved over because of construction there. What is really unfortunate, is that Bixie station always gets really heavy use from people commuting into Union Station. I guess this means more people on the already crowded TTC. :(

  • CaligulaJones

    At least in Quebec they only put a telephone pole in the middle of a road. This is much, much more urban.