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Spotted: Celebratory Trash

(G)litter bin for the holiday season.

SPOTTED BY: Martin Reis

WHERE: Roncesvalles Avenue at Grenadier Road

WHEN: Sunday, November 25

WHAT: When Astral Media’s garbage bins started showing up on city streets back in 2009, residents began complaining quickly and in significant numbers. The pedals didn’t work well, or the backs flapped open, and they were covered in grime almost at once. They didn’t seem sturdy and they didn’t look good, was the general consensus. It’s the season for covering things with sparkles and glitter, and so at least one garbage bin in the west has gotten a bit of a holiday reprieve from those judgments.

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  • Anonymous

    You can pretty up a pile of dog doo all you want,it’s still a pile of dog doo. These bins are terrible and contribute to pollution on the street. They don’t work and I’ve seen people just throw their garbage on the ground rather than try to “work” the stupid, ridiculous and malfunctioning litter causing bins. It’s like the “TTC “shelters” going up everywhere. They shelter nothing but offer advertising pollution. The TTC shelters are equally non-functioning, bad design and I suspect there was some hanky panky with the contract. How can people put up a “shelter” that doesn’t shelter? But this is the same organization that decided to put all the non-functioning garbage and recycle collecting bins right beside the only seating on all the subway stops! Yep, they had the whole platform, but placed these stupid things right beside the limited seating so while you’re sitting waiting for the increasingly crowded and mal-functioning trains you can enjoy the smell of stale Chinese food and left over baby diapers. Idiots. It doesn’t get better.

    • Andrew Wencer

      For the record, the TTC shelters are not provided by, nor maintained by, the TTC. Blame the city for that one, and Astral Media who provided them. As for garbage cans on the TTC platforms – history has shown that patrons will simply abandon their trash wherever the hell they feel like it if no obvious receptacle is nearby. So, deal with it.

    • Blake the Drake

      Jeeeeezus. Calm down. Its not the end of the world. Stop paying attention to poorly designed trash cans and start paying attention to the beauty in life. Its there. Right beside all the negativity. Its your choice what you attend to.

    • Pedro Marques

      These garbage bins don’t have any ads. Are you sure you live in Toronto?

    • Anonymous

      So because the garbage bin doesn’t work properly they are to blame for people throwing their garbage on the street? Entitled much?

  • local

    Meh, graffiti is graffiti. Wait til it starts falling off. What if this was spray paint, who decides what is acceptable to change to their standard of beauty?

    • vampchick21

      You actually sound pretty boring if you can’t enjoy a little sparkle on a garbage bin.