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Duly Quoted: Toronto’s New Transportation Manager

“Congestion is a sign of a healthy city, it shows people want to be downtown, people want to be there. Are there ways of getting them downtown without having them in a single occupancy vehicle?”

—Stephen Buckley, newly chosen to head up the City’s transportation services, in an interview with the National Post. Buckley is coming to Toronto from Philadelphia, where he is the director of planning and policy in the transportation department. He hasn’t had a chance to meet with the mayor yet, but told the Post: “Everyone recognizes that for a vibrant city, having a healthy transportation system that accommodates all modes is important.”


  • Anonymous


  • vampchick21

    GO Transit. TTC. So let’s stop talking, start funding and get them improved. Oh, and best of luck Mr. Buckley at getting that idiot of a mayor to actually listen to what you’re saying. No one else has managed so far.

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow’s Duly Quoted will be Ford saying Buckley makes too much money, and wondering where he gets his information from.

  • James

    Byford, Keesmaat, & now Buckley…the City continues to hire people who seem to be diametrically opposed to Ford’s view of the city. Byford already seems to be getting frustrated with him and I’m waiting for the first blow-up with Keesmaat.

    • Peter kucirek

      That’s not surprising given since the mayor’s view is in denial of professional practice. As a transportation planner it’s like being an astronomer and the mayor insisting that the sun revolves around the earth.

  • Anonymous

    Will Transportation Services now permit signal priority on streetcar routes? Time to put your money where your mouth is, Mr. Buckley.

    • tommy

      This times a million. Whenever I hear talk of TTC signal priority the conversation always goes to the old fuddy-duddies in Transportation Services who are too stubborn to consider modifying Toronto’s intersection timings. Something is seriously wrong in that department if they can’t see why a passenger dense vehicle like a streetcar or bus should be able to hold a green!

  • Anonymous

    “Are there ways of getting them downtown without having them in a single occupancy vehicle?”
    Yes there is. Make the Gardiner and DVP HOV-only during rush hours. (Washington DC did that with I-66). Failing that, make all the lanes but one HOV-only.

    I’m surprised the fiscal conservatives aren’t up in arms about wasting precious taxpayer-funded road space on vehicles running at 20% capacity.

    • Sol Chrom

      Because it’s their God-given right to drive their cars wherever the fuck they want, you socialist.

      • Anonymous

        Roads are very socialist… it’s a service provided to everyone, mostly paid for out of general taxation.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many people come along with Rob in his motor vehicle from his home to city hall since he became mayor? Or is most of them “single occupant”, meaning just Rob?

    • Anonymous

      How many times do you think the Ford(s) have been on near Jarvis Street

  • adrian

    ok. anecdotal, I know, but… I’m lucky enough to not have to commute very far. That said, I was in a vehicle this saturday and it took 1.5 hours to get from bloor to queens quay. We would watch the light turn green sometimes twice before advancing at all, let alone through the intersection. My only thought was; this is a joke right? Far from being an accolade for the downtown core, it seemed like a weird sickness that makes everyone angry, wastes time and pollutes more than a car should.

    • vampchick21

      On Saturday I was coming home from work in a cab at 6pm and found myself trapped for a half hour between Bay and University on Queen. What was normally a $15 cab ride to Parkdale ended up $35. And during the week, it’s jsut as bad sitting on a streetcar through that stretch. My usual 20 min commute across becomes an hour across thanks to that stretch. Traffic in this city is reaching insane levels and it’s affecting all of us negatively. People need to stop and think if driving into the city and out for work or a day trip is really the best way.