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Duly Quoted: Don Cherry

“Usually I don’t read the news, just the sports but I happened to pick up the paper and read the front part the other day. First, there was a photo fo a jogger kicking and destroying Canadian flag and gives a woman the finger. Then it continues, my buddy the mayor getting sued, Oliva Chow next mayor, man slits wife’s throat, kills her…What happened to Toronto the good? Remember we couldn’t get liquor on Sunday’s? Poor us. What should we call Toronto now? All this crime and people want the Police budget cut. Go figure.”

—This morning on Twitter, professional crazy person and CBC hockey commentator Don Cherry unleashed a multi-part rant about something a little beyond his usual beat: the news. The text of the tweets is reproduced, in part, above. (All spelling mistakes are his.) Cherry—best known to non-sports-watching Canadians as the guy who gave an incoherent, red-baiting speech at Mayor Rob Ford’s investiture in 2010—is a noted hater of “left-wing pinkos” and, apparently, all forms of crime. The majority of the news referenced here appears to be from last week. Maybe he spent all the intervening time putting this thing through drafts. Okay, obviously not.

See the original tweets in a Storify, after the jump. [Via Toronto Standard]


  • Ken Greig

    Not so sure that the people want the police budget cut, but certainly Mayor Ford wants it cut.

  • colin

    He sure does feel strongly about a potential Olivia Chow mayorship if it’s on a par with everything else in that rant…

    • Papa Tee

      mrs pinko, herself — heavens!

  • Thomas

    A picture fo a jogger!

  • Hamish Grant

    ionno about *cutting* the budget per se but they definitely don’t need more. Crime’s going down in the city.

  • vampchick21

    Bettman, do you see what you did? Locking out the players leaves Grapes to rant about news items on Twitter!

  • Anonymous

    Oh look, a scaremongering conservative. You never see that anymore.

    • vampchick21

      He’s old, conservative and admits he doesn’t read the paper outside of the sports section. No wonder he’s shocked by human nature. He clearly thought crime went the way of closed LCBO’s on Sundays.

  • Anonymous

    Bettman you ho this is all your fault. Cherry is bored and is taking it out on the rest of us. (edit: dammit didn’t see vampchick’s post)

    • vampchick21

      Is ok! I forgives you! But it’s just further proof of the pure evil that is Bettman!

  • Paul

    Good to know my tax dollars have helped make this creep rich.

    • CaligulaJones

      I feel the same way about David Suzuki. Of course, HNIC actually makes money for the CBC, so your point is a bit dumb.

  • Vashty Hawkins

    What a disjointed, incoherent screed. Is he starting to experience the onset of dementia?

    • tundra_nomad


  • Rob R.

    Cherry calls Rob Ford his buddy? He needs smarter buddies. They can be found in the produce bins at any grocery store.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you chug malt liquor for breakfast.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t read news, but feels he has enough information to comment on it.

    Well the conservatives are right about one thing taxpayers dollars have been wasted at the CBC, on this guy.

  • Kevin Wilson

    I’m actually going to stick up for Cherry on this one. I always say he’s the smartest man alive…when he talks hockey and only hockey.

    All of the news events he mentions are terrible, other than the ones about his buddies. I think the only one I have trouble with understanding is Chow potentially being mayor, other than taking a job way from his buddy Ford.

    As for Cherry’s speech when Ford took office. You need to remember the press was all over him the week prior without one word from Cherry about why he was invited. Take a couple of hits next time and see if you don’t swing back.

    • OgtheDim

      Except he didn’t swing at the media……he swung at the 47%.

    • Desmond Cole

      “I always say he’s the smartest man alive…when he talks hockey and only hockey.”

      Don Cherry doesn’t talk, he yells. He yells as much about his wardrobe, the military, dogs, the left wing media, and his xenophobia as he does about hockey. He has some of the smartest hockey analysts in the game at his disposal – notice how he never converses with any of them? Ron Maclean is merely there to be the wimp in Cherry’s tough guy routine, and to remind Cherry what he planned to yell about that night.

      Hockey Night in Canada is the most watched segment in Canadian television, but not because it’s about hockey. It’s about the most successful shock jock in our country’s history opining on things that anger, frighten and inspire him.

      Like when he said P.K. Subban, the Habs defenseman who happens to be black, should show more “respect” to his other players. Then he showed Subban getting a stick to the face for failing to show respect.

      That was about hockey, right?

      • CaligulaJones

        “Like when he said P.K. Subban, the Habs defenseman who happens to be black”

        Yeah, he also happened to be a rookie. You do follow hockey, even just a bit? Did you miss Cherry the following year when he showed how mature Subban was becoming (i.e., not chirping after every play, etc.)? Or are your a typical critic who merely Cherry picks things?

        • Anonymous

          “Cherry” picks. I see what you did there.

        • Desmond Cole

          Lots of people picked up on Don Cherry, Mike Richards and others treating Subban as the arrogant black guy who doesn’t know his place. Hockey is full of that attitude, as it is seen a a sport for white players. Ask Jerome Iginla, Kevin Weeks, Grant Fuhr and others. Or you can just call people “Cherry pickers” for pointing it our and question their knowledge of the game (that was a great pun, for the record).

          And Don Cherry is so xenophobic I’m surprised that you consider an instance of his myriad prejudice to be “Cherry picking” (although you definitely get at least 3 points for the pun).

          Don got angry when Ron Maclean suggested native kids have a harder time getting into the NHL. Don said women in the stands get hit more often by pucks because they’re too busy yapping and not paying attention to the play (funny, eh? What a great, funny guy he is). Don has called players from all over Europe “Russians,” even if they’re not, because that is a swear word for him.

          The man’s proud of who he is, and said so earlier this year on AM 640. He said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He likes to talk about dogs.

          So, yes, I do pay attention. Don Cherry uses his show to express his prejudices, and for every example I’ve cited here, there are 100 more.

          So when he says it about Subban, you think it’s just me looking to criticize him? It has nothing to do with his routine expressions of prejudice?

          Does it offend you when people call out Don Cherry’s intolerance? Is he such an icon that we shouldn’t talk about it, or should at least preface it with praise for his contributions to the game? Am I failing to show Grapes his due respect?

          • Desmond Cole

            And why is he using his Hockey Night in Canada twitter feed to talk about Olivia Chow and the police budget?

          • CaligulaJones

            Sorry, but your entire proof that Cherry is wrong about Subban is three websites, two of which are written by Habs fans, and one of which is obviously satire? Not exactly the Oxford University press, are they…

            I’m not denying that blacks in hockey have a tough ride. If you want a more up-to-date example, ask Wayne Simmonds (ironically, run out of the league by European “fans”. And, apropos of nothing, I work out at the gym that Simmonds, Chris and Anthony Stewart used to. Its inspiring to see their names on the “wall of fame”).

            Where you see xenophobia and intolerance, I see a well-meaning, but clumsy attempt at protecting Canadian culture. Either hockey is an important part of Canadian culture and economy, or it isn’t. When you draft a European player (particularly back in the 80s), a Canadian kid sits. And when that European player doesn’t score (lets face it, that’s why they’re here) it grates on some of us. A Canadian stiff making $5 million a year for a dozen goals might at least throw the odd check or drop the gloves.

            Geeze, when Maude Barlow tries to protect Canadian culture and economy, she’s a hero on the left.

            I don’t agree with all of what Cherry says, or how he says it. Just defending his right to do so. I think the “marketplace of ideas” can handle a single non-liberal voice on tax-payer funded CBC, eh?

            And, no, you aren’t showing enough respect to a guy who spent almost 30 years playing and coaching hockey at a level you haven’t.

  • Robin Brown

    Isn’t crime down in T.O? And isn’t the one who wants to cut the police budget his buddy, the mayor? This doesn’t make sense on many levels.

    • Anonymous

      The conservative response to falling crime rates seems to be Super Prisons, More Cops, and Tougher-On-Crime Legislation.