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Giorgio Mammoliti Would Kick Gord Perks “in the Nuts and in the Face”

During an interview on the Dean Blundell show this morning, the Ward 7 councillor cut loose.

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) was on the Dean Blundell show this morning. Over the course of a 10-minute interview, he managed to both threaten fellow councillor Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park) with hypothetical (not to mention physically improbable) violence and (jokingly?) imply that he’d like to sleep with the City’s integrity commissioner. Our attempted transcript is below.

But first, some context.

Mammoliti was one of several guests on Blundell’s show (on 102.1 The Edge) this morning. The full audio of the interview is available as part of Blundell’s podcast. It starts around the 51-minute mark.

The occasion for the interview was a confrontation in council chambers yesterday between Mammoliti, a close Ford ally, and Perks, a left-leaning councillor. (We posted a video of it yesterday. It’s also embedded, above.) Mammoliti was giving an interview to some media about a recent City ombudsman’s report, which is under discussion at this week’s council meeting. The report details how Mayor Rob Ford’s office, for political reasons, did things that ended up harming the City’s efforts to recruit new citizen members for the boards of its agencies.

Mammoliti was telling reporters that he believed the report to have been “politically driven.” He was implying, basically, that the ombudsman (who is actually a woman, named Fiona Crean) had compromised professional ethics in order to cause problems for Ford.

Perks took exception to this, and decided to express his displeasure loudly and colourfully, and in front of the cameras.

Blundell started his interview with Mammoliti by playing recorded audio of the encounter. Then, this happened:

Blundell: So anyway, this guy comes up. Giorgio Mammoliti, city councillor, almost gets into a dust-up with this dude Gord Perks, [who] just went nuts. So he comes over, he does this and then he leaves. Why was he telling you to leave the chamber? What was his big boner?

Mammoliti: They—”they,” meaning the left. When I say “they,” I mean the left.

Blundell: Okay, so it’s the right versus the left.

Mammoliti: They’re angry. They’re angry at what I was saying and what I was asking questions of. And they actually believe they have the right to just kick anybody out of the chamber whenever they don’t want to hear whatever they don’t want to hear. That’s what it’s about. There’s nothing more to it. Trust me. And I didn’t pick this fight. I didn’t say anything.

Blundell: You were very calm!

Mammoliti: I was up with the media. I hate being lumped into that, because I didn’t do anything.

Blundell: And you called Perks on it for how it was, that he was accusing you of being a bully, and yeah, he’s there right in your face, putting his back to the cameras.

Mammoliti: That’s the part of this whole equation that none of us can understand. They’re continually calling us, and I say…

Blundell: The right, the bullies. The left. The left calls the right the bullies.

Mammoliti: They say, “you’re the bullies.” But now people are starting to actually see what they’re all about, and what we see on a regular basis. Only this was caught on camera, which I love. And there was a part of me, quite frankly, as professional as I try to be, there’s a part of me that just said, “Why don’t you try it?”

Blundell: Let’s go there. Let’s hypothetically go there. So, Gord Perks comes over with his crazy, gay-wavy hair. And he comes over and he gets in front of you and he spits in your face and he’s, “Get out of here!” Bad breath and everything. What happens if he actually took a swing or grabbed you? What would your—like, were you planning something? Were you making kind of a backup plan to defend yourself? Because you were being assaulted.

Mammoliti: He would have been down in two seconds.

Blundell: What would you have done?

Mammoliti: I would have kicked him in the nuts and in the face at the same time.

(Huge laughs.)

Mammoliti: It was done. It was done. That’s exactly what I would have done.

Blundell: I wish he had touched you. That would have been the best political video of all time. That would have been awesome.

Blundell: He apologized, though. He apologized.

Mammoliti: Because he had to. Remember I said there’s watchdogs?

Blundell: Yeah.

Mammoliti: Well, one of the watchdogs was in the chamber. The integrity commissioner. [Her name is Janet Leiper.] And so, she saw it, or heard it, for sure. And if I would have lodged a complaint, he would have had to apologize anyway. You know, it would have looked ridiculous.

Blundell: How’s the watchdog? Is the watchdog lady good-looking?

Mammoliti: Uh, actually, she’s pretty good-looking, yeah.

Blundell: You should call her a watchcat, then.

Mammoliti: She rides a bike, as well.

(Huge laughter.)

Blundell: That’s hot.

Voice, away from the mic: She rides a bike!

Mammoliti: She does. She rides a motorbike. I ride a motorbike. She rides a motorbike.

Voice, away from the mic: Oh, a motorbike!

Mammoliti: Yeah. You know, I ride a motorbike. She rides a motorbike.

Blundell: You know what that is? Giorgio, that’s a watchfox.

Mammoliti: We all want to ride the hog.

(Huge laughs.)

Blundell: Girogio Mammoliti, everybody.


  • Anonymous

    Enough of this homophobic sexist bullshit already it’s 2012.

    • Anonymous

      Blundell plays to his audience, it’s his strong suit, he probably had his listeners in stitches. And this is why I stopped listening to him (and radio in general) years ago.

  • Ian MacIntyre

    I can’t believe this actually exists.

  • Sol Chrom

    Mammoliti is a troll. Every time we write about him, tweet about him, blog about him, whatever — we’re giving him what he wants. Let’s not do that any more.

    That said, I’d like to buy Gord Perks a beer.

    • Steve Munro

      I suspect that Gord could drink free for a few years just based on that video.

    • imaracist

      herp derp, buy the guy a beer who’s causing the problem, not the one who’s being assaulted and trying to laugh it off. herp derp typical moron fagmonger

      • Anonymous

        Mammo? Is that you?

        • Anonymous

          “fagmonger”? is that a thing? where do i sign up?

      • vampchick21

        Well are you special! Did you figure out how to operate the computer all by yourself?

        • imaracist

          Your fat cunt mother helped me. She was typing as I jam my tiny cock in her ass making her squeal like the nasty pig she is.

    • Rob


  • James

    Hey, programming directors of 102.1. This is why I stopped listening 5 years ago…glad to see that nothing’s changed. Bring on Indie 88.1.

    Also, Mammoliti has got the biggest persecution complex on Council.

    • Ian MacIntyre

      Bigger than the mayor even? Wow…

  • Anonymous

    To think this guy wanted to be Mayor…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, thankfully we didn’t get an embarrassing mayor.

      • FYeah!

        Ha! Good one!

      • j-rock


  • lilrascal

    Two sexist pigs. Disgusting. And “gay-wavy” hair? Homophobic, too. How pathetic, both of them.

    • imaracist

      Ehhh you’re just a stuck up cunt. Get over yourself.

  • James

    And here we have the symptom, cause and disease of political discourse in 2012. 24/7 infotainment.

    • Anonymous

      No info, no ‘tainment. Just morons wallowing in their own filth.

  • ArgleBargle

    Wow…I thought no one could make Mammoliti look less like a tool, but Blundell gives it a shot.

  • vampchick21

    I think we need to start writing mass letters/email/constant phone calls to the office of the mayor and his allies, since they claim to respond to what the taxpayers want, and demand that this sort of behaviour stop immediately. And not stop the flood of demands until it does. No more grandstanding, no more going on useless radio show talking like big tough guys going on about hitting another human being, no more of any of this. I’ve had enough.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a waste of effort. The mayor continually ignores all feedback that doesn’t affirm his ideological positions and various whims. People (including myself) have been sending feedback on real issues for two years now. Either we get no reply, or we get a canned response some weeks later. In all cases, Ford continues to blather on about how “the taxpayers” are calling him up in droves saying they want him to do whatever it is he’s doing.

      That’s why public input has to be transparent. And the media should dismiss outright any claims from the mayor about what “taxpayers” are saying.

      Even Matt Galloway failed on that account a couple of days ago. Ford claimed there was no public input before putting in the bike lanes (an outright lie), and then proceeded to say what the “taxpayers” want (as represented by the phone calls to his office that he chooses to listen to). Galloway should have said, “With all due respect, your selective reporting of public opinion is meaningless. If you want to make any credible claims about public opinion, why haven’t you done any transparent public consultation?”

      • vampchick21

        I’m not talking feedback, I’m talking non-stop demands until certain people in city hall start acting like reasonable grown ups in public. Until they stop the sort of thing that Mammoliti did above, the sort of things Doug Ford pulls on his little vanity project on 1010, and more. Enough is enough. I don’t expect them to all get along swimingly, but I expect them to behave like the grown, educated adults that they are, holding extremely important political positions at the municipal level. They’re acting like high school bullies, not city councillors. Their collective maturity level is below that of cranky 5 years olds who missed naptime. ENOUGH.

        • segue

          It would be more effective to organize many regular people to complain about it to the advertisers whose ads ran during Blundell’s show. A lot of advertisers are frightened when angry would-be customers complain to them, will pull their ads if enough people demand it, and that in turn will make the radio station crack down.

    • Guest

      Yes, yes. Who is the most effective office, agency, or individual to contact in this case? I mean, I’m seriously hoping that once this interview gets around Mammoliti will not be long for council, but until then, what can we do? Utterly and absolutely unacceptable for an individual in public office. Disgusting.

  • raindogxx

    Write to the Program Director of 102.1–Ross Winters. Let him know how ridiculous this interview was, how irrelevant the station, Blundell, and Mammo are. Follow this link:

    And click on Ross Winters under the Programming heading.

    • Winkee

      I’m sure it’ll get the Rob Ford treatment of any dissenting opinion. There was an auto-response saying he isn’t in the office and may not respond to all emails….

      • raindogxx

        I know–you’re probably right. I got the same auto-response, but that’s not unusual when writing to a PD of a commercial media outlet. It’s their escape hatch. However, I’d like to think that if enough people complained, let the station know they employ and interview morons and perpetuate ignorance, perhaps they’ll answer. Perhaps I’m naive.

        • imaracist

          you should probably paint yourself red and put black lettering saying you want the station off the air and go hang yourself in front of the station. Two birds with one stone then. You might win, and secondly, nobody else will have to listen to your ignorant mindless drivel ever again. I really, really hope you die in a fire.

          • raindogxx

            Is that you Blundell?

          • vampchick21

            I’m actually hoping I don’t have to read your ignorant, mindless drivel ever again. I don’t hope you die in a fire, but I do hope you stop using the internet.

          • imaracist

            Uh oh, I offended you. Better call the internet police.

          • Vashty Hawkins

            Seek help

      • vampchick21

        Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother.

        • Winkee

          I’m not saying that, and my message indicates I did file a complaint. Just saying don’t hold your breath and this isn’t the only course of action.

    • Guest

      I care less about Blundell’s fratboy antics (which are puerile, but expected at this point), and more about Mammoliti’s misogynist comments about one of his own coworkers.

      • Anonymous

        Amazing, isn’t it, what people will say when they think they are with their own people. i would expect this from Mammoliti, but how pathetic is Sue-Ann Levy, when opining on this story, for referring to Fiona Crean as the “Ombudslady.” You know, because women who think they have power and jobs to do are just silly bitches.

      • Rob

        He didn’t say anything misogynist. He was asked if she was hot and he said yes.. Also that she rides a motorbike. Get a grip, it’s only because it’s Mammoliti.

  • iamrobfordsaneurysm

    Mammo, Blundell, you make me profoundly and deeply ashamed to say ‘I’m from Toronto’.

    • imaracist

      You make me deeply ashamed to live in the same city as an uptight cunt like you.

  • Testu

    Say what you will about Dean Blundell, he managed to very effectively bait Mammoliti into speaking his mind. On air, on record.

    He gave Mamolliti just enough rope, Mammoliti did the honours himself.

    • raindogxx

      Good point–I hadn’t thought of it that way. Some good may come of it after all.

  • Bullies apparently rule

    Horrible Homophobic Misogynist prattle. How can this be allowed at all? I’m shocked, completely shocked.

    • imaracist

      it’s 2012 you moron. wake the fuck up and smell the progression of media and freedom of speech. If you didn’t take things so seriously all the goddamn time, maybe you would have friends and leave the basement every so often you pathetic waste of a vagina.

    • lefthanded

      How can this be allowed?
      Because freedom of speech means the freedom to sound like an idiot. You are welcome to change the radio dial. Blundell is a wannabe Howard Stern and if he isn’t offending someone (as long as it doesn’t cause trouble with advertisers, his employer, or the CRTC) then he’s not doing his job.

      • Anonymous

        Blundell isn’t in Stern’s class, and besides, if Blundell wants to do this, he should be podcasting, not broadcasting.

  • i_heart_mammoliti_and_sarcasm

    i think someone else (*ahem* mammoliti*) should be brought up to the Integrity Commissioner as well.

  • Snore

    Lol all you uptight people make me laugh more then this crap cause everyone on here must be walking angels and never say anything bad or have said a joke someone else might take offense too. Thank god for the internet and being able to put all my effort into talking about how things should happen. Who here has ever gone to a gay rally to support gays or a cause to stop sexism and listen to real stories about it then from a morning comedy show. Keyboard worriors fight on!!

    • vampchick21

      Yup. You got us all. Boom!

  • Groucho Marxist

    The Edge sucks for hiring an ignorant douchebag like Dean Blundell. The Edge sucks period.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why it and Q107 should die and be replaced by Indie 88.1.

  • Anonymous

    Sexist and homophobic idiots in downtown Toronto in 2012? Gawd forbid. How can this station allow that crap on the air? Surely a tiny minoioty in ths city, I hope.

  • Ben Smith

    Want to see something done about this interview? Contact the CRTC. I’ve already complained to them before about how offensive Blundell is (and believe me, I’m hardly a prude). Ended up getting a follow up letter from the station manager saying if I don’t like it, I should stop listening. Followed his advice thoroughly.

    • Antisthenes

      I think contacting the CRTC about the homophobic slur and sexist comments is the way to go. Eventually they’ll have a Charter issue on their hands.

    • Anonymous

      It’s time that both Corus Entertainment stations went off of the air (Q107 and The Edge) and were replaced by Indie 88.1 and two other stations; one for electronica, the other for the same kind of rock as heard on CBC Radio 3 or another urban station (one devoted to underground alternative rap, R&B, and urban, or maybe punk) The Edge is just full of shit, and is stinking up the airwaves anyway, as is Q107.

  • Lavender

    Mammoliti and Ford have this in common: they use rhetoric, insinuation and assumption to make their point – not logic. Look, George… just because Perks got in your face, that doesn’t make him a bully. And even if it did, that doesn’t mean YOU are not a bully. If people keep calling you a bully…….

  • Karen Pottruff

    I find the comments made by Mr. Mammolit and Mr. Blundell offensive and sexist. Mr. Mammolitit reminds me of a bully or two I have encountered in my sheltered past.

  • missbettsie

    Do we really need that subway just so italians can have jobs?