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Duly Quoted: Ken Greenberg

“The extreme makeover of the King Street West entertainment strip may be the pretext or catalyst for exactly the kind of public conversation Toronto needs to have about the future of our city and its downtown.”

—Internationally renowned, Toronto-based urban designer Ken Greenberg, trying to get beyond initial reactions to the just-announced condo project Frank Gehry and David Mirvish have in mind for King Street, and explore what this signals for Toronto’s development more broadly.


  • Anonymous

    How many “maybe this will get people talking about planning the city” moments do we need?

    • Anonymous

      Everyone who will ever give a shit talks about it already.

      • Anonymous

        Well, obviously, but for some reason people don’t seem to get that and expect a watershed moment – perhaps spurring Regular People™ to get behind their vision for the city? – to put it on the City’s agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Because there just aren’t enough condos.

    • Jacob

      What we need are more bungalows! And Walmarts!

    • Anonymous

      The market will determine that. So far the need is not letting up.

      • Testu

        Actually, that may not be true. There has been a pretty significant decrease in demand over the last year (see: ).

        Not that the market is collapsing, but it is definitely slowing down.

      • Anonymous

        The need for speculators is over. TFFT.

        • Testu

          But then who will step up to continue pricing the poor out of downtown? Clearly the market needs nothing but overvalued condos being rented out (at the price of the mortgage+maintenance+a few percent).

          My contribution to the public conversation is this:

          Is this just densification for the sake of it? Is there an actual need being addressed by this giant building that will dominate the neighbourhood that hasn’t been covered by literally every other condo development in the core?