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Duly Quoted: Glenn De Baeremaeker

“A Scarborough subway has to be back on the table.”

—Glenn De Baeremaeker (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre) to the Globe and Mail, in response to renewed talk about building subways instead of light rail in Toronto. That talk was sparked yesterday by the provincial Tories as well as Rob and Doug Ford, after Tim Hudak held a press conference at City Hall in which he said if elected premier he would redirect money currently earmarked for four LRT lines in Toronto and spend as much of it as possible on constructing subways instead. Council reversed precisely such a proposal, which had been advanced by the mayor, earlier this year. De Baeremaeker told the Globe that he wants to reopen that debate about the Scarborough LRT in particular next spring, when councillors will consider a long-term funding strategy for transit in Toronto.


  • tommy

    And so begins the process of scrapping Transit City yet again, wasting millions of dollars, and ending up with nothing in return. If politician folk are going to open their mouths, then they should have numbers and a plan ready – otherwise they can take a hike.

    • Kate

      That seems to be the ultimate goal of municipal provincial and federal conservatives in this country – do nothing, invest nothing in public transit and let the poor simpletons deal with it.

  • Paul

    Oh god, shut up Glenn. This is fucking nonsense and going over the same ground again and again is not going to magically make subways appear.

    • Kate

      Seriously, I’m so sick of this nonsense. The Eglinton LRT is under construction the money has been allocated the debate has been settled, please please please can we just get something done for once on the transit file????

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not build anything ever again, how about that?

  • James S. Mathien

    Didn’t Hudak help fill in a subway, just a few years back? Don’t hold your breath, Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      He also helped gouge taxpayers with the 407 lease and kill people in Walkerton by making cuts to water testing, but we aren’t supposed to remember that either.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is just shopping for votes. His car-driving voters don’t want subways, or any new transit for Scarborough that might impede their pristine suburban boulevards. To hell with those who don’t own a car.

  • Anonymous

    Duly Quoted: Mayor of Bogota.

    “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s a place where the rich use public transportation.”

    “A bus with a hundred passengers has the right to 100 times more road space than a car with one.”

    Most councillors really don’t know what in the hell they’re talking about when it comes to transit in this city. I’d swear they’re all in it together. Promise everything, give nothing, seems to be the status qou from every level of government when it comes to public transit.