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15-Year-Old Male Arrested in Bloor/Christie Sexual Assaults

Charges laid in connection with 16 attacks in the area.

A rally held at Christie Pits earlier this month.

The Toronto Police Service announced this morning that an arrest has been made in connection with a string of sexual assaults that took place in the Christie Pits neighbourhood over the past two months. Late Saturday night, immediately after an assault near Bloor and Roxton, officers apprehended a 15-year-old male, who cannot be identified further due to Young Offender legislation.

The assaults in question took place between August 16 and October 20, and struck fear into the heart of a community that many generally thought of as safe. In all the reported assaults, women walking alone in the neighbourhood were approached and assaulted from behind, before the assailant fled. The youth arrested on Saturday has been charged with 14 counts of sexual assault and two counts of criminal harassment. (Police today spoke of notifying 16 victims in total, prior to making today’s public announcement, so it appears that as things currently stand they have laid one charge per assault.)

Staff Inspector Mary Lee Metcalfe, of the police sex crimes unit, opened her remarks today by acknowledging “the courage of our complainants and witnesses to bring forward information” as well as thanking the community for its engagement, and for “peaceful assemblies to ensure the issue was always in the forefront” of public awareness.

Many in the public have been wondering why the police have so far declined to provide more details about the exact nature of the assaults. Police Chief Bill Blair maintained that position today, however, saying only that “the offenses here were very serious; they caused a tremendous amount of fear,” but declining to discuss the particulars. He did say that the assailant was not well-known to his victims. Blair also added that “we do have people in our organization who put themselves in harm’s way”—this leaving reporters to wonder (though Blair wouldn’t answer the questions about this) whether a female officer had gone undercover in the course of the investigation and might be Saturday night’s victim.

Blair said he hopes women “can be reassured” by the arrest and the actions of the police in handling this case.


  • James D Paterson

    Times like this is when the Young Offenders Act should NOT apply.

    If he’s been doing this since summer, he is a lost cause whose future is not so bright. Once a sexual predator, always a sexual predator.
    The maximum term permissible under the YOA is not enough for someone like him, his information should be released, and he he should be tried and punished as an adult.

    • Igor Gon

      I think you miss the point of the Young Offenders Act…..

    • Anonymous

      “Once a sexual predator, always a sexual predator.” Is that true?

      • Jessef

        Well, I have no idea how someone could harm someone in that way without being effed in the head. These people lack a conscience.

      • farrah

        Its almost impossible to rehabiliate sexual offenders, yes.

    • Hmm

      We don’t even know what he was doing… grabbing asses? That constitutes sexual assault under the current definition.

      • Guest

        Well, according too one victim they were pushed down to the ground, held there, and molested. So…maybe you might want to derail somewhere else.

      • Michael Frast

        I believe that is called ” sexual interference” …don’t quote me on that though.

        • Feminist Princess

          He was changed with two counts of “Criminal Harassment” on top of 14 counts of Sexual Assault, so maybe that’s what it was. Either way, Hmm is trying to derail and minimize the trauma caused by ALL forms of sexual assault and harassment.

          • Anonymous

            AFAIK Criminal harassment is related to “stalking”. In this case, they probably used it to trump up his charge as sexual assaults, child molestation etc, are rarely sentenced harshly

        • Anonymous

          I believe sexual interference is what they call it when the victim is a minor.

      • Feminist Princess

        Even if it was only grabbing asses – that’s sexual assault. Do you have any idea what it’s like for survivors of SA to hear some cluless idiot make a comment minimalizing the harassment we face on a daily basis? I seriously hope your computer breaks.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, but underage predators should be on a watch list once released so area police know they have a history/profile. (If they aren’t already.)

  • Niko Bellic

    Under 18? Blame Grand Theft Auto!

    • Michael Frast

      well there is no snapper where this guy is going ….only sausage.

  • Laka Dukus

    The police news release says 16 years old.

  • Guest

    I have no sympathy for this “kid” He held a neighbourhood hostage for months. He committed multiple acts of aggression and assault. No excuses, no ‘society failed him’ stuff, no way…send him to an adult trial. Do your time, kid. And I’m just glad they got him now, image in 5 – 10 years if they had not.

    • Anonymous

      I guess we can just dispense with the trial, eh?

      • Guest

        Well I think he’s guilty. But apparently you missed the part where I said send him to an adult trial. But hey, who’s counting, right? Right.

        • Anonymous

          Ah, a show trial, then he can ‘do his time’?

          • Guest

            Sure! I’ll call you when we need a script editor. As you’re so good at reading only parts of things.

      • Anonymous

        Why not? Someone cut Ana Bailão down from the gallows and get a fresh rope.

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if he’ll hold a press conference with several city councillors backing him up. Oh wait, he doesn’t have a swing vote on Council…

      • Joe Blow VI

        … because the court of public opinion and the court are the same thing? i suppose that’s why they try to keep people affected by public opinion/media coverage out of the court room … seeing as they’re the same thing

  • Anonymous

    Much respect for the female officers who went undercover to get this guy, if that’s what happened.

  • Kate

    As a woman living in this area, I just hope this is indeed the culprit, and not a copy cat that matches the description, because otherwise, there’s still another guy out there terrorizing our community.

  • Adam

    What did he do? Spank them or something? If so then wow, that happens everyday.

    • Corbin Smith

      And every single time it is violation the victim’s constitutional right to security of person.
      The commonness of an act does not determine how acceptable or appropriate it is.

      “But officer, I only violated her constitutional rights A LITTLE BIT. Can’t you let me off easy?”

    • Anonymous

      So do petty theft and traffic violations. Let’s legalize everything!

    • farrah

      You’re a douche.

  • bob

    15? Same age as Omar Khadr when Omar did his crime. Omar was a child soldier and as most Torontonians think he should have done no time, this guy should also do no time. He’s just a child!

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see a citation on that “he should do no time” position, because I’m under the impression it was actually “he should do no time in Guantanamo; bring him home in accordance with the plea agreement”.

    • Eric S. Smith

      Nobody thinks that someone attacking vulnerable passers-by in the street is a “child soldier,” so kindly pack up your straw NDP voter and go home.

  • The Toronto Post

    The last we heard it was early dec this boy was to be in court for bail hearing, then story went dead in Toronto Media, did police do unlawful arrest? Was a deal struck by Government in a secret plea? We know the Young Offenders Act is screwed up but at least media can do is do follow ups to the story!