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Duly Quoted: George Christopoulos, Rob Ford’s Press Secretary

Why did the mayor leave the first fall meeting of his executive committee early?

“It’s extremely rare that his football duties conflict with his council responsibilities. There were no contentious issues remaining on [the executive committee] agenda and the mayor felt comfortable leaving the meeting in the hands of other committee members.”

—The mayor’s press secretary to the Globe and Mail‘s city hall bureau chief, Kelly Grant. Rob Ford left the meeting—the first of the fall calendar—at approximately 2:30 p.m. The meeting ran until about 8 p.m., and in the mayor’s absence, council debated the City’s anti-discrimination policy (ordering staff to tie Pride funding to a prohibition of the term “Israeli Apartheid”), the future of Casa Loma (deciding not to sell it), and several budget matters.


  • Marc Lostracco

    “I’m saving kids’ lives! I’m like the Florence Nightingale of football!”

  • Anonymous

    Which of these jobs are the taxpayers of Toronto paying him to do?

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, he’s not screwing up the city while he’s there…

      • Anonymous

        Yes he is. As the city languishes, he makes it less desirable to live hear, which makes it less desirable to locate a business here since you workforce is not happy, the ones that can leave will, leaving a weaker workforce behind

  • Jacob

    Maybe he shouldn’t have run for the position of mayor if he knew he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his duties.


  • Anonymous

    Rob wants to be a full-time football coach.

    Judge, grant him this simple request.


  • Anonymous

    Maybe he’s using some of his accumulated sick days. Oh, wait, he was off because he really was sick, so is this one of his vacation days?

  • Paul Kishimoto


  • Anonymous

    It’s not the city championships. It’s not even a game – it was a “scrimmage”. In freaking Newmarket. How on earth was this a priority? Ford could have fit it into his schedule, I suppose, we all timeshift now and then, but you can’t just duck out of an executive committee meeting (his meeting) for it.

    It’s consistent with all of his other behavior – a lethal mix of stubborn, stupid, ignorant and boorish.

    Can’t wait to vote this idiot out of office, if he makes it to the end of his term…