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Scene: Underpass Park Lights Up at Night

Underpass Park is now officially open for fun.

WHERE: Underpass Park (Eastern Avenue and Richmond Street)

WHEN: Thursday, 9 p.m.

WHAT: Though we previewed Underpass Park during its construction a few months ago, the park officially opened yesterday and we decided to pay it a repeat visit—specifically at dusk, to see how the new lighting would change the atmosphere. We recommend it highly—it’s fairly distinctive, and really highlights the underpass’s urban nature.


  • Anonymous

    The lighting looks great! Hopefully the bulbs will get replaced once they burn out.

  • Miranda

    I’m sorry, but how is this a “park”? They put in a few lights and a skateboard ramp – I’d hardly call that a draw for most people. Plus, with chunks of concrete falling off the Gardiner, it can’t be safe to be down there…

    • Anonymous

      It has play structures, and it is not under the Gardiner.

    • Anonymous

      another idiot reply likely from some dumb hick who can only define “park” as “a place what has them trees and picnic tables” in their hamster-wheel-powered brain. Also, as the_lemur said, it’s not under the Gardiner at all. Get your facts straight before shooting your mouth off next time.

  • Mary

    OH NO, TO! Have a look at NYC’s High Line to learn what a real urban park is about and if you want to move beyond your reputation as the ugly condo city

    • Anonymous

      If the High Line is a “real” urban park, what are the dozens of downtown parks Toronto already has? Rural? Fake?

      • Michele

        Toronto has dozens of condos, not downtown parks! have you been to Montreal?

        • Anonymous

          Downtown Toronto has just as much, if not more, green space, as downtown Mtl, including dozens of parks of different sizes. I’m in one right now and there’s not a condo in sight.

          • Beth

            @the_lemur, you are probably in your condo right now looking at the top of a tree

          • Anonymous

            I don’t live in a condo, but thanks for your presumptuousness.

    • Anonymous

      There’s the small matter of the High Line and Underpass Park being completely different environments.

      • Beht

        dude, were you involved with this lame project? you seem pretty defensive. I hope you don’t really believe this is urban innovation!

        • Anonymous

          No, and I’m not defensive. I just think saying ‘Huh, well it’s not the High Line’ is a stupid comparison. Of course it isn’t. Maybe it’s not innovative (apparently Vancouver already had something similar) but it beats having a dark empty space under the underpasses.

          Did you misspell your own name? Smart move.

  • PugglePower

    There HAS to be something more to this, this CANNOT be it!?! Will there be an outdoor market here? Will it become an ice rink in winter, or something? Is that really Toronto’s idea of a skateboard park, because if it is, this city has officially gone to hell. Seriously, there has got to be more, or else this is the BIGGEST slap in the face to the citizens of this city that our joke of a city council has ever given us. Imagine the dirt and garbage that will accumulate here? How will this EVER be a destination point?

    • Anonymous

      There is indeed more to it, as you would have found out if you’d bothered to do even five seconds’ searching online:

      • ben

        @the_lemur: so what more is there to this, genius? IT’S AN UGLY HUNK OF SCRAP CONCRETE. you seem to be all over these forums leaving ridiculous comments. no wonder you are defending a boring project like this. you need to get a life!

        • Anonymous

          Wow, such a lot of empty, angry noise over something you know nothing about. Follow the link and READ. Better yet, check it out for yourself.

          Maybe I am all over these forums but I happened to have been following this project for a while, whereas you appear to have wandered in out of nowhere and have no profile at all. You may be behind all the other ranty comments here from unregistered users.

          By the way, when you click on ‘Reply’ under a comment, there’s no need to type ‘@’, GENIUS.

          • Ben

            @the_lemur @the_lemur: yes, I followed the link and I now agree that this is the most stunning thing Toronto has done with concrete since the CN Tower. Yes, I am behind all the comments here (like you, I have nothing else to do but post opinions online). Yes, you are right about everything. Everyone else here is wrong. There, discussion ended. Now we can both go outside and enjoy the hip Underpass park. It will be sick when it lights up at night. Bring your skateboard, dude. Peace out.