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Scene: Teachers Rally Against Wage-Freeze Legislation

Provincial legislature to vote on new deal for teachers later this week.

WHERE: Queen’s Park

WHEN: Tuesday, August 28, 12 p.m.

WHAT: The provincial government is trying to eliminate a $15 billion deficit. To that end, it’s introducing legislation to freeze wages and cut benefits for primary and secondary school teachers. The Progressive Conservatives have indicated that they’ll back the move by the Liberal minority government, making passage a safe bet. Today, teachers rallied on the lawn outside Queen’s Park to protest that legislation, condemning Dalton McGuinty—who likes to style himself the “education premier”—for the tactic. Two of the three unions involved are planning strike votes for later this month; the politicians, meanwhile, may get a sense of the public’s mood when two by-elections are held on September 6. A vote on the wage freeze is expected to take place in the provincial legislature this week.


  • Anonymous

    Remember Mike Harris & the PC’s? Remember Bob Rae, the NDP & Rae Days? Now, its Dalton McGuinty & the Liberals. It will happen to any political party when they get into power, the honeymoon is over and reality hits.

  • Anonymous

  • Justin

    Why does this copy read like it was written from the Premier’s own office? The legislation violates the collective bargaining rights of these workers. Even the Canadian Civil Liberties Assoc is calling it a violation of rights and worse than anything Harper has done. Yet, from reading this description, I’m lead to believe this is necessary to “eliminate the deficit.” I’m a little tired of the McGuinty cheerleading from Torontonist. Sure, I’m biased, but another perspective once in a while would be appreciated.