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Scene: Solidarity with Quebec Students

A small group marches once more, to show support for ongoing protests in Quebec.

WHERE: Bay Street

WHEN: Wednesday, August 22, 9:30 p.m.

WHAT: Concerned Torontonians first marched in solidarity with Quebec students back in May, taking to the streets with pots and spoons to rally against the Quebec government’s attempt to clamp down on tuition protesters. Those solidarity marches are still going on, though they’ve predictably become smaller over time. Last night, this one marched up Bay Street and then west on College, with 50 or so protesters and a few officers on horseback keeping watch.


  • Anonymous

    To show what the government is paying for their education, they should show on their receipts the TOTAL costs along with what the provincial government is paying for their education when pay their own tuition.

  • Anonymous

    Profs should work for free and world class research should cost nothing. Go Quebec! Wooo! Woooooo! /s . How is education a “Debt Sentence”? If we were in a similar situation as the US I may agree, but here? Come on. With proper financial management you can easily pay off an undergrad debt in less than 5 years. Case study…everyone I know.

    • Anonymous

      So all this stuff about unemployment is just a myth?

      • Anonymous

        I’d say things have been getting better since late 2008/2009. Not the best ever but nowhere near the worst.

      • Anonymous

        As a comparison look at 1992 vs. now.

    • stopitman

      Especially in Quebec where most of their tuition is paid for by equalization payments we send them.

  • mary

    Schools sucks! Go to school to learn how to work for someone who never did. LOL