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Vandalist: Happy Anniversary

To the weekend that turned downtown into a war zone.

BY: Nick Sweetman
LOCATION: Peter Street and Queen Street West
PHOTO BY: Nick Sweetman
FIELD NOTES: From the artist: “Two years ago today, I witnessed Toronto taken over by madness. An army of cops, drunk on power and fiending for the blood of the tiny portion of protesters inciting destructive behaviour, turned downtown into a war zone. I think it’s important we as a city remember what happened at this time in 2010, not just to keep the event alive in our history and our collective minds, but to hopefully prevent anything like this from ever happening again.”

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll never forget the black bloc and everyone who cheered them on, burning cop cars, smashing windows, looting, vandalizing, instigating the whole mess. What utter morons.

    • Eric S. Smith

      We couldn’t possibly condemn this, because we need to respect a diversity of tactics.