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The Spadina Bus is Coming Back, Temporarily

The 510 Spadina streetcar line will be out of service for maintenance, starting Monday.

The TTC has just announced that, starting Monday, the Spadina Avenue streetcar will temporarily be out of service while construction crews perform track maintenance and make improvements to other aspects of the streetcar right-of-way, like the platforms. They’ll also be upgrading the power system so that it’s ready for the arrival of our new-model streetcars. (When last we checked, the first of those were due to show up in 2013.) The track work is expected to be finished in the fall, with more to come next summer.

To replace the streetcars until the work is finished, the TTC will be operating buses on Spadina, using temporary curb stops. (The buses won’t run in the streetcar lane.) This will inevitably mess up traffic on one Toronto’s busier arterials, but there is good news: the 1986 Shuffle Demons single “Spadina Bus,” written before the streetcar line went into service in 1997, is now on top of the zeitgeist once again.


  • Anonymous
  • therandomdialer888

    Jeez, closed until November 18, 2012. 5 months without that line is going to be hell, over the summer months no less!

    • Guest

      Five months of air conditioned hell? Sign me up!

      • Anonymous

        YOU might love that shit-I don’t. Nor will anybody else.

        • Guest

          Record high temperatures smashing 60 year old records! Who’s laughing now?

  • qviri

    Yeah that’s going to be a clusterfuck. Shame we can’t temporarily ban private cars from the King to College stretch.

    • Anonymous

      Just bikes and buses then? Sounds good.

      • qviri

        I’m okay with taxis too. I’d be okay with delivery vehicles if it wouldn’t result in everyone claiming they’re a delivery vehicle…

  • Anonymous

    “(When last we checked, the first of those were due to show up in 2013.)”

    There is a prototype due later this year, but I don’t think they are going to use it for service, just to familiarise operators and test out the track/wiring so that adjustments can be made in time for the production cars to arrive.

  • Anonymous

    When the work is done, won’t the platforms be at the wrong height for the current streetcars?

    • Yildo

      Current streetcars have steps.

      New lowfloor streetcars still require a curb because the low floor will be a few inches off the ground.

      • Anonymous

        So the new platforms will be lower than the current islands?

  • Anonymous

    In 1948, the Spadina streetcars were removed TEMPORARILY due to a electricity shortage (except for the Harbord streetcar between Harbord and Dundas which lasted until 1966). Streetcars only came back in 1997, and were successful in drawing much more customers to the Spadina line than buses. Half a century is a l…o…n…g… “temporarily” withdraw of streetcar service.

    Hopefully, this “temporarily” will not extend any further than November of this year, 2012.

  • Anonymous

    this is going to seriously mess up Spadina! how come they cant do the work during night closures like they do on highways? Uhg so annoying. the only thing that could make this worse is that awful music video.
    Hopefully they do something about the horrendous tree-coffin scenario on the borders of the streetcar line! they’re clearly suffering and stunted due to having no soil or water.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s the kind of work that can be done at night and then tidied up in the morning.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure the thousands of residents along and within earshot of Spadina wouldn’t mind being kept up at night – for five months – by jack hammers and saws.

    • Jamie

      They can’t do it at night because people live right next to it, unlike highways. Jack hammering concrete at 3 in the morning 20 feet from someones bedroom window would be a serious dick move.

  • Rich

    The stars are aligning! Just as the @ShuffleDemons are set to release our first CD in 17 years (ClusterFunk – pick it up on Friday at the Shops at Don Mills! – 8pm) the Spadina Bus reappears! Coincidence?? I think not!