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Poll Position: Strong Opposition to Casinos in Toronto

Path to popular support for a casino looking unclear.

Recently some provincial and municipal politicians said that Toronto should build a casino on the waterfront. Some people are in favour of this idea, and some are against it. What about you? Do you support or oppose Toronto building a waterfront casino, or are you neutral on the subject?

Strongly approve: 19%

Somewhat approve: 13%

Neither approve nor disapprove: 20%

Somewhat disapprove: 12 %

Strongly disapprove: 33%

Don’t know/no answer: 4%

Poll taken: May 15, 2012
Sample size: 954
Margin of Error: +/-3.2%, 19 times out of 20
Methodology: Automated telephone poll
Conducted by: Stratcom

NOTES: As part of a recent poll, Stratcom asked Torontonians about their attitudes about building a casino in the city. (The casino results were released yesterday to the Toronto Star; results regarding Rob Ford’s approval ratings came out last week.) The survey shows that casino proponents face an uphill battle: not only do Torontonians oppose a casino 45% to 32%, the contingent of those who strongly oppose a casino is markedly high, at 33%. By region, strong disapproval ranges from 29% in York and East York, to a high of 41% in the old City of Toronto. Even Rob Ford supporters aren’t clearly on board: among those who back the mayor, 22% are strongly opposed to a waterfront casino, and in his Etobicoke home base, 33% strongly oppose one.

It’s also not clear that there is much room for movement: while 20% of survey respondents described themselves as neutral on the matter, only 4% had no opinion. Any campaign to try to persuade the public to support a casino would face the challenge that there are relatively few of us who have yet to make up our minds.

Complete poll results are available from Stratcom via the Toronto Star [PDF].


  • Anonymous

    Another nail in the coffin of Ford’s ever-shifting mandate.

  • Michael DiFrancesco

    Sounds as though his Etobicoke home base is already fed up with the Woodbine Live boondoggle.

  • observerator

    Something that could inject cash into the city? No way! Casinos are evil! Smart move, T.O.

    • Canadianskeezix

      If the City sold heroin to schoolkids, that would also provide the City coffers with cash. Would that be a smart move?

      I’m being facetious, of course. The proposed casino is not the same thing as selling heroin in the schoolyard. But the point I am making is that many people believe that the cash infusion does not make up for the negatives associated with the proposal. I am on the fence myself, but I do recognize that the issue is far more complicated than simply one of whether Toronto wants more money or not.

      • Anonymous

        I have to point out that schoolkids don’t have the income to keep up a heroin addiction, so it would be a bad move for the city.

  • metric

    No to a casino, especially anywhere on the waterfront or in the Port Lands!