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No Subway Service Between Union and Bloor Stations This Weekend

A reminder: as originally announced last month, the TTC will be closing the Yonge subway line between Union and Bloor stations on Saturday and Sunday, while they continue to install double cross-overs—which are track improvements that help the commission turn trains around in case of problems or emergencies. Normal service will resume on Monday, at 6 a.m.


  • Anonymous

    I realize there’s never a good time to be shutting down a subway line for work like this, but did it have to be on Doors Open weekend? Really?

  • Derekboles

    How about last year when the TTC shut down the subway at the same time they closed the Don Valley Parkway?

    Duh, do you people talk to each other?

  • Anonymous

    The 2014 date in the linked article above is decidedly optimistic – my understanding was 2015 with possible slippage to 2016 before the new signals went live.