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Extra, Extra: Tumblrs, Tornados, and Trials

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Are Toronto's front yards really so terrible?

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  • cameron maitland

    Always great that Torontonians can still take time out to anonymously belittle people who don’t live up to their standards! News!

  • Spencer

    I wouldn’t call those front yards awful. At least their neat and tidy, just not up to some people’s exacting standards.

  • Anonymous

    Brick lawns are terrible. The combination of ugliness and the blatant expression of laziness are revolting. To top it off, lots of folks will go out and waste hundreds of litres of water hosing down their bricks every morning. Get a broom, assholes.

  • Anonymous

    People with brick yards should be slapped.

    • Anonymous

      With a brick.

  • Anonymous

    It’s absolutely mind-boggling that the police and crown attorneys who persecuted Somme weren’t summarily sacked, and had their collective asses thrown in jail for contempt on the spot. What kind of pathetic, slavering cretins… ?

  • Eric S. Smith

    From the Sonne article: “Corporal Richard Plume, RCMP … and others shot wadded up paper towels out of the cannons in the Guns and Gangs parking lot.”

    Thus proving that potato cannons are good clean fun. Man, ruling that anecdote inadmissible was kind of doing the Crown a favour. “Yes, Your Honour, we swiped his stuff and played with it. I mean, evaluated it for terrorism potential.”