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Extra, Extra: Frustrated Radicals, Frustrated Romance, and Weird Crime

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • This morning we brought you an image of a particularly harsh piece of anti-Mayor Ford graffiti. Above is an example of a slightly more subtle approach. We’re told the guerrilla ad takeover is the work of a “frustrated radical.” Sounds about right.
  • Yesterday, a cute flyer by a woman searching for “Jeff,” a guy that she apparently had a romantic moment with at a Jays game, made the rounds on some local websites. We sent her an email, and she told us that she found him, which is awesome. The bad news is that he turned out to be in a long-term relationship. Awwww.
  • Our friends at AUX—which is a locally-headquartered music television channel with a nice website—are launching an iPad-only magazine next month, and it looks like it’s going to be neat. There will be a launch party.
  • The Globe thinks ravines are to Toronto “what the canals are to Venice,” which is ridiculous—unless they’re talking about some other Venice. (But the rest of that Globe article, about the soon-to-be unveiled Glen Stewart Ravine revitalization, is pretty neat, and worth a read.)
  • And it appears that the accused in the Conservative-party headquarters/severed-foot case may have cut his teeth [PDF] as a humble YouTube kitten torturer in Toronto. (The linked PDF, while sad and weird, is not graphic.)

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  • Anonymous

    Aren’t all radicals frustrated?

  • Joe.

    ‘Adbusting’: really not part of the Ford support base. So you’re preaching to the converted here. Nice idea, though.

    • Anonymous

      Great idea! Hope to see a lot more.

  • Anonymous

    Our downtown-adjacent ravines are, so far, a missed opportunity to create iconic and picturesque public spaces – and tourist magnets – equivalent to the riverside (or canalside) and waterfront boardwalks of other cities. The best part is that most of the ravines’ plant life wouldn’t have to be disturbed. A little hydrologic engineering and we could even have places to paddle in the summer and skate in the winter.

    • Anonymous

      That ravine behind the brick works is a lot like what you are proposing.

    • Anonymous

      What kind of hydrological engineering are you thinking of? Part of the appeal of the ravines in their current state is that precisely that they don’t have ‘created’ public spaces or infrastructure beyond what is needed to access them.

      • Anonymous

        Widening and/or deepening the rivers with built banks and overflow dams. (I’m not an engineer; I just spent a weekend in Ottawa by the canal – why can’t we have something like that here?)

        I’m mostly talking about the Don River valley south of Gerrard. There’s nothing there, getting in and out is restricted to a few places, I don’t think there’s even lighting at night, yet it’s right next to downtown in a city that’s been fretting about making the waterfront appealling for decades.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, that is a good stretch of the Don valley for redevelopment in that sense (when you said ravines I was thinking of the ones above the Brickworks, which should stay wild). Whatever ideas there might have been about doing something with the watercourse there may have been discouraged by the proximity of the rail line and the desire to restrict access to Bayview, but some of the thinking that went into Underpass Park could work there. Using the trail there with Bayview on one side and the river and the DVP on the other is like being in a tunnel of leftover nature.