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Duly Quoted: Sun News Personality David Menzies

“Could you imagine if I was at that all-candidates meeting and I went to George Smitherman and I said, ‘You know what—you know, George, being a practicing homosexual, and being the fact that you’ve been involved with all kinds of illicit drug use, how do we know you won’t engage in high-risk sex and drug use that will bring about HIV leading to AIDS, and you’ll die in office? I would be run out of town on a rail!… It is despicable, and it speaks of the double standard with the left-wing media in this city, Mayor Ford.”

—David Menzies, speaking on Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford’s weekly radio talk show on Sunday. The topic was the left-wing media’s supposed bullying of the mayor, as evidenced by the coverage of Ford’s run-in with Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale last week. The all-candidates meeting to which Menzies is referring took place during the 2010 mayoral election. During a q-and-a period with mayoral candidates, a man named Marvin Kay, who identified himself as a physician, took the mic and told Rob Ford, “I’m concerned about your weight. Do you think you’ll be able to handle the entire four-year term?” Menzies was arguing that the media would have thrown a fit had an equally rude question been asked of then-candidate George Smitherman, who is gay, and who has admitted to having used drugs in the past. Except, judging by the reaction on Twitter and elsewhere, Menzies seems to have overshot “equally rude” and landed squarely in “unbelievably offensive” territory. (Which he would doubtless say only proves his point.)


  • Geoff Gilmour-Taylor

    Seriously, a “practicing homosexual”? What, as opposed to a lay homosexual, or an armchair homosexual?

    • Mark Ostler

      Or, say, a homosexual who’s let their membership lapse? As busy as people are these days, sometimes you just forget to renew…

    • Canadianskeezix

      The use of the term “practicing homosexual” suggests that Menzies is still in the 1960s and hasn’t joined the rest of us in the 21st century.

      • Geoff Gilmour-Taylor

        It suggests that he’s a bigot.

    • Anonymous

      I’m constantly practicing being a homosexual, at least at most every chance I get :)

    • KingFunknDunk

      Well, he’s gotta practice so that one day he can make his country proud at the Homolympics.

  • Canadianskeezix

    What makes Menzies comment even more moronic is his silly attack on the “left-wing media” (whatever that is – usually when people start dismissing media as being left-wing and right-wing, it simply means that they are pissed that a particular outlet doesn’t regurgitate their biases back at them). The weight issue was raised by a physician, not a journalist. The Star coverage, for example, refers to the weight question as a “gallery jaw-dropper”, refers to everyone’s shock at the question, and then prints Ford’s retort in full.

    This is hardly the “despicable” behaviour than Menzies complains about. It is kind of pathetic the way in which he makes up excuses to try and demonize other journalists.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to hear that Mayor Ford took a stand against all of the homophobic statements the guest that he invited onto his own radio show. It makes me proud to live in a city where our Mayor has a radio show to address the ingrained homophobia that still persists, and makes an effort to make sure his audience knows that this is 2012 and making homophobic generalizations about a “practicing homosexuals” is something that reflects the diverse city that we live in.

  • Anonymous
  • Charles Melvin

    Where would social conservatives be without the false premise? Sexual orientation is not equivalent to dietary habits, unless Mayor Ford has an unnatural attraction to donut holes.

  • Anonymous

    In a normal country redress could be sought from Broadcast Standards but the Right pins each summons from a civil rights body on its chest like a medal. Better to go the Rush route, target CFRB advertisers I think.

  • Anonymous

    HIV positive people live for decades, not months. Or is Menzies under the impression that Ford will be mayor for 20+ years?

  • ben burd

    Why do you bother repeating Menzies it only encourages him and we wouldn’t want that, he is a paid flack posing as a pundit for the rabid.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say, is Menzies aware that it isn’t 1950 but I see @Canadianskeezix thought the same thing. Newstalk 1010 … ome to Rush Limbaugh wannabees.

    • Anonymous

      CFRB is a bleary-eyed corporate monster that cannot see past the next ratings survey — much like all commercial talkers.

      They use right-wing hacks because it keeps their decrepit audience gingerly pounding the desks of the nursing home with outrage and listening to commercials for other retirement homes or whatever.

      Any sudden ratings dive (or particularly foul controversy) and the Limburger Babies are out the door – slinking to whatever tertiary market commercial radio dump will have them.

  • Anonymous

    Sun News “Personality”?

    A bit too much credit. Like most media personalities, he can be hired or fired at a whim. Why not Sun News “Contributor”? “Employee”? “Associate”? “Team Member”?

  • Randy McDonald

    Two linked observations.

    1. Aren’t the Fords responsible for what their guests say on their radio show?

    2. Can anyone pretend at this point to be surprised that Rob Ford isn’t going to attend Pride?