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Duly Quoted: City Hall Reporter Daniel Dale

“At some point, perhaps 10 or 15 seconds into the encounter, he cocked his fist near his head and began charging at me at a full run. I began pleading with him, as loud as I could, with my hands up, for him to stop. I yelled, at the top of my lungs, something like, ‘Mayor Ford, I’m writing about the land! I’m just looking at the land!’”

—Toronto Star urban affairs reporter Daniel Dale, who was met with a very angry Rob Ford while researching a story on a piece of land the mayor wants to buy, adjacent to the mayor’s current home. Ford contends that Dale trespassed on his property and was trying to shoot photos of him; the police have confirmed that Ford called to report the incident. A fairly terrified-sounding Dale—who has covered City Hall since 2010 and would be well-known to Ford—writes that he didn’t come within 10 metres of Ford’s yard, was not staking out the Ford home, and that the mayor was so aggressive he feared for his safety.