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Cumberland Cinemas Reportedly Closing on Sunday

BlogTO is reporting that the Cumberland Four Cinemas, in Yorkville, will be shutting down this coming Sunday. A spokesperson for Cineplex, which owns the theatre, told BlogTO that the company had been leasing the Cumberland’s location on a month-to-month basis, and is leaving at the insistence of the landlord. The art-house multiplex has long been rumoured to be slated for redevelopment.

UPDATE, 6:09 P.M. Employees at the cinema have confirmed to us in person that they will be closing after the last scheduled screening on Sunday, and that staff were informed of the closure about a week ago.


  • ss

    I’m legitimately upset. Cumberland was my favourite movie theater, and the only one that I could consistently count on for some Canadian Content :(

  • Anonymous

    I hope they put some condos there, because there just aren’t enough condos.

    • Anonymous

      There can be condos on top of a cinema, like at the Lightbox. Such mixes of uses, with residences being ubiquitously located over other establishments can make for a vibrant and metropolitan city.

  • anonymous

    RIP. long past due. maybe more will be persuaded to see CanCon at tiff lightbox and Bloor Hot Docs cinema?

  • Raja Nikita

    Where are they going to play all the artsy, indie type of films now? ? ?

  • Chantelle Laliberte

    Great, the closure of yet another arts and entertainment building. Pretty soon all the people living in the oversized condos won’t have anywhere to go to pass the time.

  • YorkieSam

    Stupid developers? I suspect Cineplex shut this down due to competition with their flagship at Varsity. The newbies must be too young to remember The Uptown, The University, and the Plaza, although mismanaged in their final days by Famous have, in their demise, also diverted movie going traffic to The Varsity. For Cineplex it would seem enough is not enough. I’m sure they’ve been planning this for a long long time. Do they really think we are gullible and stupid enough to believe this decision was so sudden? The area was all about the arts and high class once upon the time. Thanks to Tiff, and talk about biting the hands that feed, Bistro 990, Sutton Hotel, and Four Seasons (as THE Yorkville hotel) also are going the way of the dodo. And for what? Don’t blame the landlord. Rent is rent. The only one profiting by closing this cinema down is Cineplex.
    The same way these movie companies have invested their interests in the “younger demographic”, but where? In the clubbing district of Toronto. Who gains? Not the community who will be lucky to have another condo, and more foot traffic with one less place to go. Who do I complain to in order to get a portion of my property taxes back, now that my neighborhood is devalued?