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Bill Blair’s Message to Toronto About the G20

The full text of Chief William Blair's statement regarding OIPRD's G20 report.

On Wednesday the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), a provincial agency charged with investigating complaints against police, released its long-awaited report on law-enforcement activity during Toronto’s G20 summit. A few minutes ago Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair released a statement in response to that report.

The text of that statement in full:

I would like to respond to public concerns arising from the OIPRD’s Systemic Review Report on the conduct of police personnel during the G20 Summit.

The OIPRD’s Report identifies many serious deficiencies in the police response that weekend. Mr. McNeilly makes 42 recommendations to address these deficiencies. I want to assure the people of Toronto that the Toronto Police Service and I accept the observations and recommendations contained in this report. We will act quickly to respond to those recommendations directed to us. In fact, the TPS After-Action Review, released in June 2011, identified many of the same problems. We have already made significant progress with the procedural and training changes to address the issues raised.

In addition, the OIPRD has identified a number of instances in which Mr. McNeilly has found there is evidence of misconduct on the part of members of the Toronto Police Service, including a number of Senior Officers and he has directed that hearings be conducted under the Police Services Act. These hearings will take place.

Given the extraordinary public interest in these important matters, and to provide public assurance, I intend to exercise my authority under the Police Services Act to delegate the authority to conduct the hearings to a retired judge, and to seek the services of a former Crown Attorney to prosecute these cases. These hearings will be conducted in public and the results made public at the conclusion of the proceedings.

The G20 represented an unprecedented challenge for the Toronto Police Service. I believe, and Mr. McNeilly has confirmed, that the vast majority of police officers conducted themselves professionally and that, generally, policing of the events was done well.

We did our best to protect the people of Toronto and our city from the violence and destruction that this event brought. We also attempted to facilitate lawful, peaceful protest and maintain the security of the Summit site. As Mr. McNeilly notes, many officers demonstrated courage and dedication in the face of great danger and provocation, and I remain proud of the work they did.

At the same time, I fully acknowledge that there were things that were not done well. We have learned from these shortcomings. We will act on the recommendations and hold accountable those who are found to have engaged in misconduct.

As the Chief of Police, I accept responsibility for the actions of the Toronto Police Service and its members. I will ensure that the lessons we learn during the G20 are incorporated into our procedures, our training and our future response. I am also fully committed to holding police officers of any rank accountable for misconduct. I remain committed to the safety of our City and all its citizens. I remain committed to restoring the confidence of the people we are sworn to serve and protect.

Chief William Blair


  • Anonymous

    Bill Blair must resign, the fish rots from the head.

    • Anonymous

      yes! resign

    • Anonymous

      McGuinty should go with him.

  • qviri

    Toronto’s Message to Bill Blair About the G20: Resign.

  • Anonymous

    The city is probably going to need to install a new management team from outside the TPS, including a replacement for Mukherjee.

  • Proudly Torontonian

    Blair should resign. No question, no severance, no pity. He is at fault and should set the example

  • Ion Tse

    The last paragraph in particular is chock full of lies. Bill Blair can’t open his mouth without uttering lies. He beat the crap out of people during the G20 and his goons continue to beat up innocent people on an almost daily basis. Bill Blair needs to face criminal charges.

  • Ion Tse

    Mukherjee is as bad as Blair: He is an accessory after the fact, aiding Blair and his goons in getting away with criminal acts.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Blair is the guy who, given video evidence that his cops were beating peaceful protesters in Queen’s Park, suggested the tape had been doctored because it was missing a short segment. Why was it missing the short segment? Because the cameraman thought police were about to beat the shit out of him for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    OK, Chief, who’s the sweetheart with no nametag there? Is he being held accountable? Thought not.