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Spotted: The Return of the Bald Raccoon

SPOTTED BY: Bram Atlin

WHERE: Farnham Avenue

WHEN: Earlier this week

WHAT: We first came across the bald raccoon two years ago, when a reader sent us pictures of him (or her, but let’s go with “him”) frolicking in a Parkdale backyard. Our alopecia-stricken friend quickly became an international celebrity, with hits on Gawker and in the Star. (And yes, we’re pretty sure it’s a raccoon and not something else.) Now comes this photo from Farnham Avenue, near Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue, which is an upwardly-mobile change of address for the bald raccoon. Maybe he cashed in on his fame with a skin cream endorsement, or something. Though, on second glance, the markings on this guy are a little different than the ones on the raccoon from 2009. Is this a different one? Could someone be trapping and shaving these things? In any case, we’re glad he made it through winter. He must have been very cold.

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