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Spotted: The Return of the Bald Raccoon

SPOTTED BY: Bram Atlin

WHERE: Farnham Avenue

WHEN: Earlier this week

WHAT: We first came across the bald raccoon two years ago, when a reader sent us pictures of him (or her, but let’s go with “him”) frolicking in a Parkdale backyard. Our alopecia-stricken friend quickly became an international celebrity, with hits on Gawker and in the Star. (And yes, we’re pretty sure it’s a raccoon and not something else.) Now comes this photo from Farnham Avenue, near Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue, which is an upwardly-mobile change of address for the bald raccoon. Maybe he cashed in on his fame with a skin cream endorsement, or something. Though, on second glance, the markings on this guy are a little different than the ones on the raccoon from 2009. Is this a different one? Could someone be trapping and shaving these things? In any case, we’re glad he made it through winter. He must have been very cold.

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  • Robin LeBlanc

    I guess it’s too much to hope someone catches it and helps it?

  • Vivian

    It would be good for him to get a veterinary evaluation.

  • Roxy744

    no way. this city is overrun with raccoons – it’s a serious health hazard. do you have their poop all over your deck and having babies in your walls and there’s nothing you can do to get rid of them. i can’t believe racoons have more political clout than rural endangered species.

  • Anonymous

    It makes me feel terrible to see how alone and vulnerable he is. There’s a bald raccoon in all of us.

  • Procrastinator

    He probably has mange.

    • Ll Kk

      Or maybe even mango.

  • Rocky V

    Or perhaps the raccoon has taken up residence in an attic that’s lined with fiberglass insulation. He’s scratched off all his fur and doesn’t realize what the cause is (he is a raccoon, after all).

    He would normally starve to death over the winter without a coat but since he lives in a heated, insulated den that doesn’t happen. I’ve seen squirrels in this same situation.

    So the solution if for the attic owner to close off access now that spring is here. The raccoon will have to find a more suitable home but will easily grow a new coat before fall.

  • Clean Toronto

    Some folks prefer bald beavers but bald raccoons need love too.

  • Jenniferandrews

    We had a similar raccoon in our neighborhood at Main and Danforth three or four years ago.

  • Casey

    El Chupacabra!

  • Anonymous


  • Lisa Gillan


  • stopitman

    help the raccoon? I don’t mean to seem mean, but just leave animals to their own thing… don’t feed them, don’t pet them, don’t acclimatize them to things that are even more unnatural than climbing into a garbage can.

  • Tony Tone

    Farnham is nowhere near Rosedale…more like Deer Park. Or South Hill North East or Summerhill North…or West West Moore Park

  • General Zod

    Stay away from that thing… ever wonder where horrible epidemic diseases originate? See bald raccoon above!