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Spotted: Texting While Driving…a Subway?

SPOTTED BY: YouTube user evanderm

WHERE: Between Eglinton and Bloor stations on the Yonge subway line

WHEN: Video uploaded Friday; recording date unknown.

WHAT: The TTC is, needless to say, investigating after a TTC passenger posted this video on Friday, which appears to show a TTC operator messaging while operating a subway.

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  • Duchanne

    The TTC begs citizens not to take photos of their drivers doing dangerous and illegal things, but instead to make a formal written complaint. I did just that when a streetcar driver had both hands on his phone for the length of the trip along College from Bathurst to Yonge… and I got a cursory “we’re looking into it” email. When I tried to follow up, I was ignored. This seems to be the only way we can keep each other safe. I think most of the good folks who operate the TTC are excellent, safe drivers, but the TTC as an organization is doing very little to ensure my safety if this is how they’re handling the ones who are behaving in dangerous and reckless – not to mention illegal – ways. Sadly, photo evidence seems to be the only guarantee we’ll get the TTC’s attention.

  • Ryan James OSullivan

    This is where everyone has to face the uncomfortable truth… driving these vehicles is very boring and and could/should be automated it requires so little attention :)

    • qviri

      Seriously. Keep one or two attendants on the train for security/service and to close doors (so they don’t have to stay open for the programmed 30 seconds at 11 pm on a Tuesday night) and automate the rest. Like the SRT but without the fails.

  • Margot Collins

    it’s not as if he has to steer

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, he just has to brake and watch for signals. Totally something that doesn’t require his full attention.

  • Jefftien Won

    National Distracted Driving Concert & PPV featuring Flo rida, Kelly Rowland, Onerepublic, Justin Bieber Florida Atlantic University April 28 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the excuses from the union, and the crybabying about citizens playing gotcha with their cell phones.

    And to all the morons saying it’s no big deal since the subway is on a track, maybe you should go re-familiarize yourselves with the Russell Hill accident in 95.

    “The TTC subway uses conventional wayside signals without cab signaling. Thus drivers are expected to remember each signal aspect and act accordingly until they receive new information from the following signal. ”

    In other words, pay f*cking attention to what’s ahead of you at all times.

    Fire this clown.

  • Amie

    The irony of this comment is that I’m posting it from my own workplace, from my blackberry.

    • Anonymous

      Are you driving your workplace as you post?