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Spotted: A Leafs Apology

SPOTTED BY: Leafs fans throughout the the city.

WHERE: In newspapers, and on the official Maple Leafs website.

WHEN: Today.

WHAT: The Maple Leafs had a rough year. Ron Wilson, the team’s coach, was fired at the tail end of a disappointing regular season, and his replacement, Randy Carlyle, was unable to turn the Leafs around in time to lead them to the playoffs. Today, the team’s ownership took the unusual step of placing a letter of apology to fans, signed by MLSE board chair Lawrence Tanenbaum, in local newspapers, including the Sun and the Star. The letter is excerpted above. We have it in full after the jump.

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  • Anonymous

    They really should consider dropping their ticket prices if they want to be taken seriously. I’ve never seen a team anywhere else in Canada where the ticket price only keeps rising despite the fact that you are paying this premium to (predominantly) watch the team lose. This would go the furthest way towards convincing me that they really do care about the fans, and not purely about making as massive a profit as possible.

    • Anonymous

      Ticket prices will drop when people stop buying them.

    • Anonymous

      But are you surprised that the team’s market performance does not reflect its performance on the ice? Hockey is important to our nation’s culture, and as the national metropolis, you bet we’re going to keep buying tickets in Toronto. That’s why the Toronto Maple Leafs have never moved away, and when several Canadian NHL teams were on the verge of bankruptcy in the 1990s, the Leafs were not on thin ice.

      I laughed when I heard the owner of the Jets say that Winnipeg fans aren’t like Leafs fans–they won’t keep supporting the team if it doesn’t succeed. He better hope they are like Leaf fans or that franchise will be finished after a few years and Winnipeg will once again be without a team. The only alternative to the Leafs would be a second team, and not one in a distant suburb inaccessible by transit. I love hockey, I love Toronto, thus I will not cheer for another city’s team. I may like a few other teams, but they don’t really inspire any passion.