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Spotted: A Frank Assessment

SPOTTED BY: HiMY SYeD, from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

WHERE: Stapled to a fence at the High Park Zoo.

WHEN: Saturday, April 14

WHAT: City council cut the High Park Zoo’s budget earlier this year, but thanks to a generous private donation it will probably be fine for the time being. Even so, it seems at least one member of the public is still inclined to hold Mayor Rob Ford to account. We’re pretty sure those numbers aren’t accurate, and the penmanship and spelling could use some work, but point taken all the same.

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  • mary

    the high park zoo should be shut down! The animals there live in crammed exhibits that dont take into consideration their true needs.

    • Anonymous

      It took you over 19 minutes to create a login and type in an anti-zoo comment………you people are slowing down.

      • Anonymous

        And it took you 3 hours to reply. Troll phone on the fritz again?

  • Anonymous

    Dougie forgot to sign his name.

    • Anonymous

      The “x” is partly cropped out of the picture, upper right.

  • Anonymous

    The drawing is too complicated for Ford to comprehend.