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Newsstand: April 6, 2012

You're lolling in bed right now, aren't you? Well, there's a fresh pot of coffee and a slab of news for you to wake up to: a report outlining police actions at the G20 pricier than first thought—and still (yeah, still) not released; the LCBO blows up in scandal like a cheap afternoon soap opera; TTC fare collector busted for napping; and some peregrine falcons keep on getting it on across from Harlequin Enterprises.

A report commissioned by a civilian board that outlined police actions at Toronto’s G20 summit will apparently cost nearly double the estimated price—potentially climbing to $1 million. Though expected be put out in late March, reviewers pushed the release date back at the last minute, supposedly due to RCMP-released documents. A lawyer for the Independent Civilian Review, Ryan Teschner, said a timeline of when the report might actually come out will be given at the end of next week. Because 18 months after the G20 isn’t nearly long enough to wait.

If you thought the most exciting thing about the LCBO (other than, like, the booze) was that on Friday and Saturday nights the line can get really long (cheap thrills, ya know?), think again. The Crown agency is lately embroiled in a scandal related to a recently fired employee’s alleged involvement in embezzlement, fraud and conspiracy, of the sexy, international variety. The LCBO is taking Francois Agostini—who ran the Diplomatic Sales Program (that’s a thing?) in Toronto—and accomplices to court, in a lawsuit to the tune of $2 million. And you thought Crown agencies didn’t have any fun.

Apparently, the TTC will investigate a complaint made by a commuter of a sleeping fare collector on Wednesday. And, apparently, there’s a precedent, with photos of a napping fare collector having made international headlines two years ago. Shocking. People with probably one of the most boring jobs ever get tired sometimes. Disgraceful. Really, people? Really? You’re so mad about this? A driver, fine, not a good person to be caught sleeping, but cut the fare collectors some slack. Or did you think the brilliant flash of your metropass and the glimpse of your well-cut suit would thrill the collector out of the monotony that is his or her job? TTC spokesman Brad Ross, who has promised the investigation, also mentioned that a move to a fare card system will soon phase out human fare collectors. Great. Hooray for less jobs!

Um, you know it’s a slow news day when the pseudo-domestic lives of a pair of birds makes headlines. Nevertheless, the pair of rare peregrine falcons who “fell in love” across the office of romance novel mogul Harlequin Enterprises have done it again. Weeks of shameless copulating have produced three speckled, burnt-orange eggs. Apparently, there was also some sort of birdy love triangle going on, but now it’s over. It wouldn’t be Harlequin without it. Also, apparently, ’cause nature-starved city folk can get all kinds of crazy, there is a live feed of their nest. A live feed.


  • Steve Craig

    Someone seems a bit snippy today. Maybe they’re jealous of us lolling in bed right now…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had jobs that were so incredibly boring the hardest thing by far was trying to stay awake, and no I didn’t always succeed, even when at times I was out in public at an info desk when I woke up to a line of people quietly standing in front of me, the most action I had seen in a long time. Unlike some TTC riders they were all very understanding thinking it more funny and understandable than outrageous. I totally understand how boring and tedious it must be to be a fare collector for the TTC and how hard it can be for them to stay awake. Unless you’ve been in a similar sort of job you have no idea how hard it can be to cope with the total boredom and lack of activity of such jobs.

    • Policyexpert

      No excuse for sleeping on the job. Don’t care how bored you are.

      And I think instead of “Hooray for less jobs!”, you should amend to: “Hooray for the masive efficiency gain we’ve scored as a society!”

      • Anonymous

        Hooray for fare increases to support inefficiency!

        • Friar Canuck

          Hooray for one less $100K salary going to someone who sleeps on the job.

  • Dh

    Is torontoist anti-tractor as well? Think about all the subsistence farming jobs we lost!

    • geomo

      Are you implying some kind of Luddite revolution? If so I all for it!