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National Film Board Announces Its Own Slate of Cuts

Local fallout from the federal budget keeps on coming.

Photo by Eugen Sakhnenko.

Earlier today, we learned that the CBC is planning on eliminating jobs and cutting service in order to make up for a loss of funding as a result of this year’s tight federal budget. Now, the National Film Board has announced that, because of a $6.68 million annual reduction in its federal subsidy, it will be shedding 73 jobs, and will also be closing down viewing stations and cinemas at both its Médiatheque in Toronto and its Cinérobothèque in Montreal as of September 1, among other cuts.

The viewing stations at the Médiatheque, located at 150 John Street, offer free access to more than 6,000 films in the NFB’s collection. The cinemas there sometimes host paid, ticketed events, but are often free to visit.

According to a press release, the NFB will also be ending its grants for festivals and events and scaling back assistance for independent filmmakers.


  • Anonymous

    The Cons must think laying off tens of thousands of people is good for the economy, there’s no other explanation for these cuts.

    • Cpol

      Terrible armchair economics on your part.

      • Anonymous

        Explain it then, Professor. How do we benefit from mass layoffs?

        • Anonymous

          We get all that wasted money back. People start earning money in the real world instead of living off other people’s money. Even if some go on social assistance (and most won’t), it costs less than propping them up at a fake job.


          You want to defend the NFB and staff on their merits? Fine, go ahead. But your economic argument is transparently desperate and idiotic.

          Have leftists lost so much faith in their institutions that they can no longer rationalize their existence except as some kind of elaborate welfare charade that’s “good for the economy”? What a joke.

          • Anonymous

            The merits, or lack thereof, of individual employees at the NFB is irrelevant. We aren’t talking about a few people let go from one organization. We’re talking about 20,000 or more let go all at once across the country. You don’t like these grubby socialist leeches living off your money? Then why are you supporting 20,000 of them going on EI until the real world – still recovering from a recession four years running, a recession we somehow managed to claw our way through despite all these awful people stealing our tax dollars and turning them into food and shelter – can absorb them?

            Oh, and how exactly does the real world pay salaries if not with “other people’s money”?

          • Anonymous

            Oh Derek Jensen, Toronto, graphics artist, endeavour marketing how can you support the layoffs of people who work in ooh if we got rid of outdoor ads and all the fallout from that which would certainly be more than 20, 000 ppl but vehemently defend this position of yours as it pertains to the NFB?

            You really need to stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.

            ” Oh, and how exactly does the real world pay salaries if not with “other people’s money”?”

            Haha. Seriously? Like how its actually pattison and/or astral and/or cbs paying your paycheque?

            You really aren’t that bright are you?

  • Jason Paris

    What was Fortress Toronto thinking by letting the Cons pierce the 416? Like really, any of this should be surprising?

  • Bob Evans

    The Toronto NFB was great potential resource but terribly operated by the worst sort of bureaucrats. Staff were often unaware of what films they were screening (or if they were *even* having a screening), but always quick to hand you a comment form when you were leaving. Staff never put a sign on the door telling the public what films were playing. They never fixed their LED sign for over two years.

  • guest